How to Keep Wine Glasses from Spilling on a Boat

SPONSORED POST Royal Stabilis is the maker of anti-spill crystal wine glasses that enable a better wine experience and peace of mind on board your boat. Royal Stabilis is a 2017 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award winner in the Furnishings & Interior Parts category. Relaxing with a good glass of wine is the perfect way to...

learning local waters

Technology in Fishing

SPONSORED POST Flannel Fishermen is a website devoted to anglers who would like to learn more about various fishing techniques, products, and destinations. Authored by anglers, Flannel Fishermen provides first-hand perspectives on this incredible sport. When most people think of fishing, technology usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. This is understandable, as...

Day Boat Packing

5 Essentials To Pack For Your Day On The Water

There’s nothing better than spending a hot summer day floating around on your favorite vessel. Whether you’re heading out on your own boat, tagging along with a friend, or renting a pontoon for the day, it’s important to plan ahead and prepare the essentials. Now wait a second, we’re not talking about the items that...

top new boating products 2016

Top Boating Products for 2016

Boating Industry Magazine selects products as best new innovations introduced in boating throughout 2015 Each year, Boating Industry magazine (the trade magazine for businesses in boating) releases a list of the top new products in the boating industry as part of their annual quest for new products and innovations. Selected by Boating Industry magazine editors, the...

buying used boat trailer

Tips for Buying a Used Boat Trailer

If you are buying a smaller boat, then you are likely looking at buying a trailer as well. Used boat trailers can be a good deal if they are in good shape. Many used boats are also for sale with the trailer included. But how do you know if that used trailer is actually a...

buy used boat equipment

How to Buy or Sell Used Boat Gear & Equipment

Boaters tend to collect a lot of old gear over the years… lots and lots of gear! What may no longer be useful to you may be invaluable to another boater in need of specific gear or parts. Almost every boater you talk to has something lying around they don’t use anymore. When you look into how...

tips for boating with dogs

Tips and Gear for Boating with Dogs

  It’s great when you can bring the whole family boating – and for us, that includes our dog George. George is a Hungarian Vizsla, and like all Vizslas, he loves the water. However, bringing a dog on board means there’s a few things you need to remember. First, let’s get the bad stuff out of...

life jacket designs for boaters

Is a New Life Jacket Design on the Horizon for Boaters?

Aside from the rising popularity of inflatable life jackets, the basic design of life “vest” has been around for quite some time. So, in an effort to test the limits of creativity & innovation, some boating industry associations joined forces in 2015 to challenge entrepreneurs and inventors to come up with some new ideas that just...

fishing accesories

Top Ten Marine Accessories for Fishing

Top fishing gear with tips on how to choose (and use) important accessories Fishing is a fantastic pastime. Whether you are an onshore angler or offshore, here is a list of the essential marine accessories you need before heading out on any fishing trip. 1. Fishing Rod and Reel If you are unsure what fishing rod...

top boating products

Top Selling Products for Boaters

Popular boating products boaters chose for their boating lifestyle in 2014 Looking for boating popular boating gear that other boaters like? A best seller’s list can help you narrow down your options by select gear that other boaters have chosen. Here’s a collection of top sellers (as reported by West Marine) that boaters chose as the best gear...

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