Boat Wine Glass Holders Turn Existing Cup Inserts into Stemware Holders

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Avoid spills and breaking glass with unique stemware holders that insert into standard boat cup holders

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Yoebi Stemware Holders are custom cup holder inserts designed to hold wine glasses and other stemware using existing cup holders. With recessed inserts and flat holder options, Yoebi also works well for wine glass storage and in RVs.

If you like to unwind on your boat with a good glass of Merlot, then you know that finding a spot to safely place your wine glass is a real challenge on board.

Most boats come equipped with a good number of cup holders – typically built into a table or seating area. These standard boat cup holders are great for securely holding cans or foam koozies… but they are definitely not built to accommodate stemware.

Holding onto your drink while boating is not always an option. If you are cruising and hit a wake, you’ll likely be wearing your drink. Even when you are anchored out, you never know when an unexpected wave will cause your boat to rock… and your drink to take a tumble.

A safe, secure way to sit down your wine glass is crucial, because spilled wine and broken glass are not a good thing on boats. Red wine in particular is a sure way to ruin your expensive marine carpet.

So what’s a wine loving boater to do?

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Yoebi Stemware Holders

yoebi wine glass insertRed wine drinkers rejoice… you’ll no longer be banned from the boat!

There’s a great product on the market that solves the problem of being unable to place wine glasses in boat cup holders that are not made for traditional stemware glasses.

Yoebi Stemware Holders are a clever, yet effective, solution for wine drinkers on boats that easily transforms any cup holder into the ideal vessel for your wine glass.

How it Works

The Yoebi Insert product is a simple insert that converts a cup holder into a stemware holder. Simply place it into any standard 3-1/2″ sized recessed cup holder. The Yoebi is designed to expand so that it fits snug and secure inside.

There are no holes or anything you need to do for installation, and it can easily be removed when not needed.

Then, simply insert your wine glass into the side opening of the Yoebi to hold your stemware in place. The design accommodates most standard stemware glasses – from wine glasses to brandy snifters – holding them in place.

When your stemware is in the Yoebi, you no longer need to worry about your glass tipping or breaking. And, most importantly, you no longer need to worry about your wine or drink spilling on your boat.

The Yoebi insert product is available in white, black, off-white or clear so that it blends with your boat’s interior or exterior colors. 


Get the Yoebi Stemware Drink Holder for Boats on Amazon

See it in Action

Here’s a quick video showing how the Yoebi Stemware Holder works:

Slide in wine glassFlat Yoebi Stemware Holders

Yoebi also makes a flat version of its stemware holder – Yoebi Flat – that allows you to place a stemware holder on any surface.

With the use of double sided adhesive strips (included with purchase) the Yoebi Flat can adhere to most flat surfaces.

Again, there are no holes or anything you need to do for installation.

The Yoebi Flat works the same way – simply slide in a wine glass or other stemware to hold it in place. As the boat moves, your wine glass stays safely in place – even underway!

RV YoebiThere’s also a Flat Yoebi product with suction cups that is a great solution for non-porous surfaces – like the fiberglass surface on a boat!

Want to create a wine glass holder inside your boat?

Simply turn it upside down, affix it to the underside of a cabinet and slide your stemware into the holders.

The makers of Yoebi note that their stemware holders are a great addition to RVs as well as boats.

How to Buy

Yoebi makes several stemware holder products to choice from for your boat.


Get the Yoebi Stemware Drink Holder for Boats on Amazon

Yoebi Insert
Yoebi Wine Glass Holder. Fits into most existing cup holders and holds stemware without worries of tipping or breaking.

Yoebi Flat
Yoebi-Flat adheres to most flat surfaces with Double Sided Adhesive  (included). Also great for RV’s for wine glass storage.

Yoebi Suction Cup
Flat Yoebi with Suction Cups. Works great on most non-porous surfaces.


Get the Yoebi Stemware Drink Holder for Boats on Amazon

Each product is very affordable, making it easy to pick up more than one so you can enjoy your merlot with company!

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