Boat Upgrades

Upgrades make your boat feel like new again, help retain boat value and can elevate your overall boating experience

Sometimes your boat just needs a re-do of accessories, sometimes you just want to add new boat accessory gear to have the latest & greatest. The good news is that there is always something new on the market to upgrade on your boat and make it even better.

From necessary upgrade projects like new canvas or deck flooring, to new boat accessories and gear that take your boating experience to the next level, there are a lot of boat upgrade options for boaters.

Explore our boat upgrade resources for projects, boat accessories and gear.

Boat Upgrades & Accessories

boat accessories

Boat Accessories

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Upgrade Projects

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Boat Accessories

boat accessories

Most boaters know that the right boat accessories can make your boating experience even better!

Adding accessories to your boat can range from upgrading current equipment or investing in new boat equipment & gear. Many accessories are add-on items that solve a problem, improve upon your boat, make it more comfortable or add a convenience. And accessories are not limited to used boats - even new boats can benefit from adding gear that meets your needs for boating.

New technology and innovative accessory ideas also continually come onto the market - sometimes making your current electronics or systems outdated (or at least seem that way!) There's always something new that will elevate your boat life.

Upgrade Projects

upgrade projects

Ready to upgrade your boat with new gear or equipment?

Boat upgrade projects can be exciting, but also challenging for boaters that chose to go the DIY route. Luckily, some of the more common projects have been tackled by many boaters and you can learn from there experiences and best practices. And in many cases the manufacturer is more than happy to assist with DIY guidance.

Other projects that are complex - like new boat canvas - may require the help of a professional that is best equipped to customize or install on your boat. At the very least you'll want to be sure that you are custom ordering properly prior to your own installation.

In the end, there's nothing more satisfying than upgrading your boat with new equipment or gear that makes your boat more comfortable, convenient or functional for how you like to boat.

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