How to Replace a Boat Sink Faucet on a Sea Ray

boat sink faucet replacement

Easy boat upgrade project swapping a worn-out sink faucet with a shiny new  one for a Sea Ray boat basin [with how-to VIDEO]

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Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference on a boat. And its even better when the project is easy and affordable (how often do you get to say that with a boat project??)

This boat sink faucet replacement was a quick & easy upgrade that eliminated an eye sore in the cockpit of our 2002 Sea Ray 410 Sundancer. Although this project was on a Sea Ray Sundancer, I suspect it will be similar for most boat brands and models equipped with a small cockpit basin… as well as a small basin in a head.

The entire project cost about $60 and was done in less than 1 hour. In fact, Captain Brian finished the upgrade an early morning on the boat while the rest of the family was still snoozing in the cabin. It all happened so fast that we had to do a “post-upgrade” video of how it was done. But no worries, Capt. Brian does a great job of reenacting the step-by-step process of how the faucet was taken out & the new one was installed.

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Why we replaced our boat sink faucet

old boat faucetThe issue we had with our old faucet was more about aesthetics then functionality. It just looked beat.

The old faucet was painted white and was chipping from years of use and just general exposure to the elements in our cockpit. The way it looked bugged the heck out of me and really made our 2002 boat look its age.

Of course once the faucet was removed it revealed more issues that also impacted functionality and made the upgrade worth it. The strainer was pretty clogged inhibiting water flow and the old washer was hard and cracked making it hard to turn the faucet on & off.

Replacement faucet / basin tap

Finding a replacement for the size and style used on our Sea Ray boat was pretty easy. The product we found was actually all chrome finished instead of painted white – but we felt that was a nice upgrade in style.

boat sink faucetThe new faucet is a Scandvik 10050P Basin Tap available on Amazon.

Sink faucet specs:

  • Marine Grade chrome plated brass basin tap
  • Solid cast brass body
  • Chromed plastic knob
  • 1/2″ NPS-M water connection
  • Requires 7/8″ mounting hole

—>BUY  Scandvik 10050P Basin Tap on Amazon

Official product description:

Scandvik’s marine plumbing products have been manufactured to the highest quality standards for more than 35 years. Our products are designed to withstand the rigorous marine environment. Downsized for smaller galley and head applications, Scandvik faucets, sprayers and taps provide long term reliable service in a size that is appropriate for boats and rave’s.

Other Marine Tap Options:

Installing the new sink faucet tap

Before you get started, you’ll want to turn off the water leading to your existing faucet. A simple thumb nut makes it easy to remove the water line.

The only challenging part removing the old faucet is accessing the one nut that holds it in place because of the tight space in the cabinet below the basin. You’ll need to access it with a wrench from under the nut rather than sideways. Once removed, you can lift the old faucet out from above.

Now, insert the new faucet, tighten up the nut using the same method with a wrench. The new Scandvik 10050P Basin Tap we used came with a new washer that makes for a nice tight seal once the nut is tightened. Reconnect the water line with the thumb nut and you are ready to wash up.

See more details from Captain Brian in this brief how-to video:

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