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Looking to buy or sell a boat? Navigate these boat buying & selling best practices & resources to help make getting on (or off) the water smooth sailing

They say the two best days of a boater's life is the day they buy the boat and they day they sell the boat. But if you REALLY love boating then the day you sell your boat its likely because you are buying another one!

There are many options to consider when buying a boat - whether to buy new or used, what type of boat to buy, what accessories you may need and how much you are willing to pay. Similarly, when you're ready to sell you'll want to be sure to price it right for the market, or potentially trade it in as you step up to your next boat.

Explore our best practice advice & resources when buying or selling your boat.

Buying or Selling a Boat

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New Boat Buying

Buying a new boat can range from affordable entry level boats to high end luxury models. There are many exciting options that can make buying new vs pre-owned appealing for new boat buyers.

New boats will ensure that you are getting the latest in boat building design, the latest innovative accessories and the latest technology packages. You'll also get peace of mind that your new boat is covered under a manufacturer's warranty, will require less initial maintenance and have service support from a local dealer.

Buying a new boat can also be more affordable than you'd think. Smaller entry level boats can be equivalent to a car payment when financed, and larger boats can be financed over a longer period of time to make it more attainable.

As far as availability, choosing to buy a new boat gives you many more options to consider by brand, size and type.

Used Boat Buying

A large percentage of boaters choose to purchase used boats because they are simply more affordable. You may be able to buy a much larger previously owned boat then you could if you were buying brand new.

Of course buying a used boat at the right price & condition for you comes with challenges, with boat surveys, limited market availability, maintenance issues, outdated equipment and more.

Its important to factor in the total cost of ownership with any boat purchase, but even more so with used boats that may require additional repairs, upgrades or equipment. On the flip side, a used boat has likely already depreciated in value (unlike a new boat that will depreciate in value more in the first few years), and you will be able to maintain a larger percentage of your original investment.

Finding a used boat can sometimes be a long process of searching on "boats for sale" marketplaces and boat dealers to find the perfect pre-owned boat for you.

Selling a Boat

If you own a boat, chances are some day you'll be looking to sell it... either to [gulp] get out of boating or to [hopefully] get into your next boat.

Depending on current market conditions, selling your boat can be relatively straight forward when demand for used boats is high, or it can be more challenging to find the right buyer for the right price.

There are many options to consider when selling a boat: use the help of an experience boat dealer, list your boat on a boats for sale marketplace, or try to go the "for sale by owner" route. Each one comes with some pros & cons.

Be sure to review these best practices for selling a boat.

Boat Accessories

boat accessories

Most boaters know that the right boat accessories can make your boating experience even better!

Adding accessories to your boat can range from upgrading current equipment or investing in new boat equipment & gear. Many accessories are add-on items that solve a problem, improve upon your boat, make it more comfortable or add a convenience. And accessories are not limited to used boats - even new boats can benefit from adding gear that meets your needs for boating.

New technology and innovative accessory ideas also continually come onto the market - sometimes making your current electronics or systems outdated (or at least seem that way!) There's always something new that will elevate your boat life.

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Boat Shows

In the market for a new boat or boating accessories? Just love to be around boats and people that love boats as much as you? Then boat shows has your fix for all things boating.

If you are actively looking to buy a new boat, visiting a boat show is a great way to see a variety of boat brands, styles, sizes and prices all in one place. There's nothing quite like physically climbing on board boats and checking out the features and finishes in person. Boat dealers (and sometimes manufacturer reps depending on the show) are also readily available to give you a tour and answer questions.

Boat shows are also a great time to buy, as many boat dealers are ready to make a deal. You may be able to get a great deal on an end of model year sale or other boat manufacturer incentives.

And if you're already a boat owner, there are endless suppliers at boat shows with the latest gear & accessories to equip your boat life.

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