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Check out our hand-picked selection of Boat Gear for the Dock and Deck... must-have gear for boaters needing helpful gear while on the docks, docking or for your boat deck!

Boaters always seem to need new deck & dock gear - whether you are looking to replace worn gear like dock lines or fenders, or you just want to upgrade to new gear that will simply make your boat life easier at the dock.

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Here are our picks for gear you may need at the dock or on your boat deck.

SAVE 10% - use our exclusive code MYBOATLIFE

SAVE 10% - use our exclusive code MYBOATLIFE

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Find essential boat gear for your life on the water.

Explore our hand picked selection of essential boat gear products for your life on the water.

Essential boat safety equipment & life jackets

Must-have gear at the dock & on your boat deck

Maintenance gear to keep your boat in ship-shape

Spring prep gear to get ready to launch for the season

End of season boat prep & winterization essentials

Electric motors, boats and solar charging

Paddling & watersports gear for fun on the water

Space saving galley essentials for dining on the water

Must-have marine electronics & technology

Specialized gear & equipment for pontoon boats

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