New Marine Accessory for Easier Boat Raft-up or Mooring

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MagicMoor is an innovative boat tool that enables easy and safe raft-up, mooring or docking of boats without the need for fenders or lines

MagicMoor is a mooring and rafting tool developed by MagicTech Marine that uses a set of adjustable rods to tie two boats together effortlessly and quickly for boat raft ups or a single boat to a mooring.

Spending an afternoon out on the hook is always more enjoyable when you are able to raft-up your boat with another boat so you can socialize and enjoy the anchorage together. One boat approaches another boat’s port or starboard and then the scrambling for lines and fenders usually begins.

As most boaters know, a raft-up typically requires the use of several lines tying the boats together stern to stern and bow to bow, along with a few well positioned fenders to keep the boats safely cushioned apart. It can often be a challenging process to align the boats well – requiring re-adjusting of lines and fenders multiple times to get the raft-up just right.

The raft-up process can also get messy – with multiple lines coming from one boat to another as well as ropes from fenders draped over stanchions. If you are not dealing with squeaky fenders potentially scuffing up the side of your boat, you are worried about fenders under pressure as wakes roll by causing them to pop out of place and damaging both boats.

This has been the way the boat raft-up process works for boaters for years… until now.

MagicMoor, developed by a U.S. based start-up called MagicTech Marine, makes the process easier and safer with a new marine accessory that connects two boats together.

Made out of highly engineered composite plastic, MagicMoor is a strong, yet flexible, tool that features a set of adjustable rods to tie two boats together effortlessly. The tool also performs double-duty as a mooring device alongside a dock.

MagicMoor tool
how MagicMoor raft-up worksHow MagicMoor Works for Boat Raft-ups

With one person on each boat, boaters simply attach one end of the MagicMoor to a cleat on their boat and then attach the other end to another cleat on the second boat (using regular cleat sizes used on boats from 6 to 10 inches.)

The fixed length of the rods prevents boats from knocking into each other, and the free rotating arms allow the boat to move freely but securely during a swell in a raft up.

A trigger and lock mechanism makes it simple to lock and unlock the MagicMoor to and from the cleats within seconds without the use of force. The design of MagicMoor, along with available accessories, allow it to be used for all boat types with maximum 2 tons load and even with sail boats and jet skis.

MagicMoor boat rafup

Leaving a raft-up is as quick and easy – simply unlock the MagicMoor device to remove it.

Here’s a brief video showing how quick & easy it is to raft-up with MagicMoor:

Boat Mooring MagicMoorHow MagicMoor Works for Boat Moorings

The MagicMoor can also be used as a mooring at the dock, essentially performing double-duty after your raft-up.

Again, attach one end of the tool to a cleat on your boat and the other end to a cleat on the dock. It holds your boat in place alongside a dock perfectly positioned away from the dock. The fixed length of the rods prevents boats from crashing into the jetty or dock.

The highly engineered composite plastic used to manufacture MagicMoor gives it high torsional strength (ability to withstand twisting load) that will be required to keep the boats steady while mooring.

The innovative and flexible rotating arms also allow it to be used on cleats that are fixed at any angles on the boat or on the jetty or marina dock.

Because it’s not always easy to change the way boaters are used to doing things for so many years – even if it is an innovative product that solves a common problem – MagicTech Marine offers a 30 day money-back guarantee to prove the value of their MagicMoor product ordered direct from the manufacturer.

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