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2017 innovation award winnerRoyal Stabilis is the maker of anti-spill crystal wine glasses that enable a better wine experience and peace of mind on board your boat. Royal Stabilis is a 2017 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award winner in the Furnishings & Interior Parts category.

Relaxing with a good glass of wine is the perfect way to enjoy an afternoon or evening on board your boat. It’s a great way to savor some peaceful moments on the water and simply unwind.

That experience is even more relaxing when you don’t need to worry about your chardonnay taking a tumble and spilling all over your boat.

More often than not, an unexpected wake will inevitably occur when you are not holding onto your wine glass. It could be from a jet ski speeding past you out of nowhere, or even from a delayed rolling wake from a passing boat in the distance.

The situation is even more troublesome if you are the kind of wine drinker that enjoys a fine wine in a real wine glass and you don’t want to compromise because you are on a boat. Not only do you need to worry about spilling wine on your boat seats and deck carpet, but you also need to worry about breaking glass and getting tiny shards all over your boat – something no boater wants to have happen.

Plastic or acrylic wine glasses may solve the concerns of having glass on board, but they tend to take something away from both the taste and overall experience. There’s nothing elegant or sophisticated about wrapping your hand around a plastic cup.

A good wine deserves a real crystal stemmed glass.

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Royal Stabilis Glasses

A company called Royal Stabilis came up with a really cool solution with a technology that allows you to enjoy wine in a real crystal glass (the way you are meant to drink it) by using a special serving tray that keeps glasses from spilling on board.

The system uses a tiny magnet implanted in the base of each glass along with a specialized magnetic stainless steel board. The 8” x 8” square tray is “home base” for your glass when you are not holding it and can hold up to 4 glasses. The tray itself has bumpers to prevent it from slipping or sliding on surfaces.

The attraction of the magnet is strong enough to keep the glass on the tray but also at the same time soft enough to easily raise the glass.

royal stabilis wine glass system

How They Prevent Spills on a Boat

Your boat may be rocking, but your wine glass is staying stable.

Wine glasses placed on the steel tray base can be placed anywhere on your boat and the glasses will stay in place regardless of incoming waves, wakes or general boat rocking.

The wine glasses do not slide and remain in place on the tray. No spilling of wine and no breaking of glass.

In fact, you can literally tilt the tray vertically and the glass will remain attached to the tray. The Royal Stabilis glass system will work whether you move the tray or an unexpected wake moves your vessel.

anti spill wine glass tray

Wine Glasses for All Occasions

The Royal Stabilis system actually works very well for any on-the-go type of activity – such as a power boat, sailboat, pontoon, RV, outdoor picnic, etc. You could even take the set to the beach and place the tray in the sand!

For boaters, the wine glass system could also be very useful on floating docks. The system is useful when you are anchored in a marina or lake or even sailing on the ocean.

wine glass dock

Whether you want to drink red or white wine – or even celebrate an amazing sunset with a glass of champagne – the Royal Stabilis offers three sets of high quality crystal glasses to choose from.

Glasses are sold in sets and the magnetic stainless steel board is purchased separately (so you can pair it with the type of glasses you want).


Glass options include:

  • White Wine Glasses – set of (4) 13 oz. crystal glasses
  • Red White Glasses – set of (4) 20 oz. crystal glasses
  • Champagne Glasses – set of (4) 8 oz. crystal glasses

All glasses are made of high resistance, ultra-clear crystal and include an integrated magnet. Each set comes with a convenient carrying case to protect them when being stored on your boat.

How to Buy

The Royal Stabilis glasses are conveniently sold in sets on Amazon.

You can buy a set of White Wine Glasses, set of Red wine Glasses or set of Champagne Glasses and then pair it with the Magnetic Stainless Steel Board.

Note that you must buy the Magnetic Stainless Steel Board (sold separately) for the non-spill system to work.

2017 innovation award winnerRoyal Stabilis is a 2017 Miami International Boat Show Innovation Award winner in the Furnishings & Interior Parts category.

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