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Get on board with electric boating! New electric outboards, trolling motors, charging and battery technology can be a quieter, eco-friendly alternative for you on the water

Whether you're going electric for the environment, for an electric-only lake or for an additional trolling motor, there are many advantages for boaters that choose electric motors for their boats or kayaks. Electric motors run quieter, eliminate the need to carry gas, require less maintenance, are lightweight and simply run cleaner on the water.

Check out these industry leading electric boating options for electric motors, batteries, solar and charging gear.

Featured Brands

Mercury Avator is an exciting new electric outboard that offers a unique drop in battery making it a portable electric outboard unit, backed by Mercury's reputation for innovation in propulsion technology.

Torqeedo is a pioneer in electric outboard motors with outstanding efficiency, useful technology and easy-to-use design. Their electric motors are some of the lightest, quietest and most dynamic motor response in their class.

Newport Vessels offers a range of electric outboard and trolling motors for small boats, kayaks and pontoons. Their electric motors do not use a proprietary battery, making them more affordable and flexible.

Electric Motors

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