Boat, Pirate and Sea Theme Movie and TV Show DVDs for Kids

Gift ideas for children’s movies and TV Show DVDs about boating, pirates or ocean and sea life water related adventures that kids would enjoy watching It’s always more fun on the water… especially for kids! From pirate adventures to exploring ocean and sea life, there are tons of movies and TV shows on DVD to capture...

Sea Creature Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Create an ocean life, sea creature or boat themed kids party with these ideas for nautical party supplies, décor, cakes, water games, party favors and more With two little boat girls getting ready to turn five and one only a few weeks apart in the summertime, we decided that having a sea creature theme birthday...

rainy day boating

Rainy Day Boating Activities

It’s not always sunny at the boat – sometimes you just have to deal with a rainy boat day… here are a few ideas to stay entertained on rainy boat days. The pitter patter of rain falling down on a boat can be a total bummer. Most people don’t like to be stuck on their...

Kid’s Ear Protection for Watching Fireworks Shows on the Water

Protect your kids from hearing loss during loud fireworks displays on the Fourth of July and holiday events with noise reduction headphones, earmuffs or earplugs Whether it is fourth of July, Labor Day weekend or another holiday or special event, watching a fireworks display light up the sky from your boat is one of the...

Family Boating Safety and Cruising Tips

With a focus on boat safety and special accommodations for cruising with kids, you can make boating as a family both enjoyable and safe Boating can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend time together as a family. Family boating is a great way to slow down the pace of your daily life...

Best Boat and Water Theme Books for Kids

Share your love of boating with these children’s boating themed books that are perfect kid’s boating books to inspire young boaters Reading books about boating makes boating even more fun for kids… while helping them appreciate the ocean, sea and waterways… AND teaching them about boats and water safety. From children’s books about pirates to ocean and...

boating while pregnant

Boating While Pregnant: Boat Safety When Expecting a Baby

A pregnancy doesn't have to stop your boating season - new moms expecting a baby can enjoy time on a boat with some precautions boating pregnant If you are an avid boater that is ready to start having kids (or having another baby now as a boater), chances are you have thought about how to handle...

fishing with dad

Teaching Kids How to Fish while Boating

National Fishing and Boating Week is the perfect time to teach young boys and girls all about how to enjoy the sport of fishing while spending family time on a boat If you are an avid boater then chances are your kids are just as fanatical about the boating lifestyle. Spending time on the water...

Boat Safety Rules for Kids and Adults on the Water

Most state laws and regulations require boater licenses and safe boating courses to ensure both kids and adults practice safe and responsible boating Boating is all about relaxing and enjoying yourself on the water with family and friends. But those fun times can turn tragic when boaters engage in irresponsible behavior or just lack an...

toddler life jacket

Maryland Kids Life Jacket Laws Boating

MD Regulations for kids wearing a life jacket – age and life jacket type requirements for kids on boats Life jacket laws in Maryland for infants, toddlers and kids while boating has gotten stricter in recent years to protect children on Maryland’s many waterways. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has developed specific state laws...

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