3 Reasons Your Family will Love Your New Boat

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Why owning a boat is more affordable than you think… and a worthwhile investment in your family leisure time

Most of us live in the vicinity of a body of water, be it a river, a lake, a sea or an ocean. We are well aware of the opportunities it offers, but actually taking the plunge and buying a boat is simply too big a step for most.

Rentals will get you far enough, but if you find yourself in a situation where you have the time, money, and good will, and you start window shopping with a little more intent, it is time to treat yourself with the real deal.

Like with any big purchase, the people around you will have plenty of advice on why you should invest your time and money elsewhere. Their opinions count, but they won’t make the siren call of sailing go away. Your family will love your new boat, just give them a little time. Let’s look at the three reasons why you will all be agreeing on what a good decision buying that Haines Hunter V19R was.

It won’t break your bank.

A boat will last you a lifetime, unlike your car, so you can count on the bank being a bit more leisurely with your payments. Looking for a deal? Hit the market in December, and you will definitely win yourself a significant discount – this is a bad month for boat or car salesmen, as most of us are a little busy surviving the holidays to consider such large last minute purchases.

Maintenance, however, will burn right through your funds. Unless you are now the proud new owner of a 40-ft yacht, the maintenance can set you back by around $400 dollars per month (depending on the size and type of boat of course), so consider your options well before you buy.

Find out how other boat owners cut their costs, join a boat club at your choice marina, find yourself a trusty marine mechanic, and start learning the craft. Finding a hobby, getting your hands dirty – you will have that much more respect for yourself and for your boat.

What is stress?

Leave all your landlubber problems behind as you sail the waves. Any type of physical activity will cleanse you emotionally and mentally, and boating has the benefits of being appropriate for all ages. It is a water-based activity, you know, the most Zen of them all.

Fuse the wind in your face and the water creaking at your hull with your heart and soul; vigilance and fast reflexes – welcome a much more rewarding fitness program than that treadmill in your bedroom you only used once.

Well, the boat itself is only a stepping stone to the world of water-based sports that look thrilling in magazines, but have always seemed a bit too far away to attempt. When was the last time you thought you ought to start diving? Jet-skiing? Wake-boarding? Even the fish bite better this deep in.

Quality fun for the whole family

Just spending quality time with family and friends, away from the troubles of a mundane reality is reason enough to own a boat. You know you will immediately become “the friend with the boat” earning you the classiest lifelong position in your social circles. Your job here is done, just take her out to the shore once in a while and enjoy yourself. And family vacations? They are now written in stone. Pack the kids, we are going cruising, we eat what we catch, simple as that. Got a pet? Forget hotel rules, Skippy is coming along.

To top it all, a slightly repetitive, yet highly interactive family getaway is your chance to instill some core values in your youngest shipmates, while providing them with a natural, healthy environment to grow in.

photo courtesy of H. Michael Miley

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