Boating Book for Kids Teaches Boat Safety and Fun

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The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is a children’s book that inspires kids to love the boating lifestyle while emphasizing the importance of boat safety

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Whether you have a kid who already loves boating, or want to introduce your child to boating, the children’s book The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl shows children how boating can be both safe and fun.

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is a fun and educational book designed to teach kids (both boys and girls) about the adventures of boating while reinforcing boat safety practices on the water – like always wearing a life jacket.

When Boat Girl’s mommy and daddy first got a boat she didn’t know what to expect. But then she got a new “magical jacket” that made her feel safe and secure so she could enjoy all her new boating adventures.

The 52 page book also includes fun extras like a list of Boat Girl’s Safety Rules to follow, basic boating terms every little skipper should know and a personal log to keep track of your boat kid’s first amazing boating adventures… making it a keepsake and more than just a children’s book.

Where to Buy

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is available in paperback on Amazon for only $9.95

>>Buy it on Amazon 

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The Inspiration for Boat Girl

boat girl bookThe Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl makes a great gift for a new boating kid to introduce them to boating, or for a boating kid that already loves the water. Bonus extras included in the book are educational and let kids personalize the book by capturing boating memories in it… making it a lasting keepsake! The book is appropriate for both boys and girls ages 3 and up.

Written by Diane Seltzer, the founder and editor of boating lifestyle websites and, The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is inspired by her two young daughters who love boating as a family on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.

The book is illustrated by Aaron Kleger, a multi-talented young man who created all of the water color drawings for this book (who just happens to be the author’s nephew too). Specializing in pastels, watercolor and oil painting, his artwork has been honored with several awards in his school. Aaron hopes to one day become an aerospace engineer.

Where to Buy

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is available in paperback on Amazon for only $9.95

>>Buy it on Amazon 

Book Interview Video

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl was featured on Bob’s No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show in a book author interview that talks about the inspirations for the book and book highlights.

Check out the story behind the book in this video:

 Where to Buy

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is available in paperback on Amazon for only $9.95

>>Buy it on Amazon 

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  1. SteveMarch 2, 2016

    I just ordered Boater Girl 🙂 We have an eight-year-old girl and she’s getting more comfortable with sailing – yeah!

    1. Diane SeltzerMarch 4, 2016

      That’s awesome – thanks Steve! My eight year old daughter loves the book – although as the inspiration for the story one could say she is a bit biased! 😉

      happy sailing!

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