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So You Want to Buy a Used Sailboat: Buying the Boat

The final steps buying a used sailboat – from making an offer to boat financing and getting boat insurance (buying a used sailboat 3 part series) Congratulations… you have found the used sailboat you want to buy! It can be fun and exciting to research, visit, and test drive boats. Now that you have settled...

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So You Want to Buy a Used Sailboat: Inspecting the Boat

Steps to consider when boat shopping, inspecting a used boat, inquiring with a broker and reaching a decision to purchase a used sailboat In my last article, I discussed the thought process one might use to decide if now is the time to buy a used sailboat. If you have made the decision to buy,...

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So You Want to Buy a Used Sailboat: Making the Decision

From purchase price to recurring boat expenses, here’s everything you need to consider when making the decision to buy a used sailboat The spring boat show season is upon us with a variety of sailboats on the market for boaters. While there will be new boat models on display, spring is also the time when...

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