CB Radio boat

Why Boaters Should Use A Citizens Band (CB) Radio

Citizens band (CB) radio is one of the versatile radio communication devices that can work in various conditions. It’s believed to be used during World War II as a means of communication between and among troops through the genius of Al Gross. After the war, it was commercialized and used for personal and commercial...

dock cart boat

Heavy Duty and Collapsible Dock Cart for Your Boat

Utility wagon with rotating wheels and adjustable handle makes a convenient dock cart for all your boat gear We’ve been boating for years and always used an available dock cart at our marina to load and unload boat gear to and from the boat, but recently decided it was time to get...

MagicMoor raft boats

New Marine Accessory for Easier Boat Raft-up or Mooring

MagicMoor is an innovative boat tool that enables easy and safe raft-up, mooring or docking of boats without the need for fenders or lines SPONSORED POST MagicMoor is a mooring and rafting tool developed by MagicTech Marine that uses a set of adjustable rods to tie two boats together effortlessly and quickly for boat...

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