Why Boaters Should Use A Citizens Band (CB) Radio

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Citizens band (CB) radio is one of the versatile radio communication devices that can work in various conditions. It’s believed to be used during World War II as a means of communication between and among troops through the genius of Al Gross. After the war, it was commercialized and used for personal and commercial communication in the United States.

Through the years, CB radio has evolved into a modern communication device with a global positioning system (GPS) and Bluetooth. Most devices have LED channel indicators and noise filters as well, which have benefited many individuals, particularly boaters. 

If you’re a boater without a CB radio, you must read this post to know the advantages it can provide. Keep on reading to learn more. 

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It’s A Communication Essential

CB radios are essential communication devices among boaters. These allow boaters to transmit messages almost everywhere. They can work excellently even in a place without a cellphone and/or internet network service. 

CB radios are also linked to various channels, including emergency services across multiple areas in the country. With these devices for communication, boaters can seek help whenever they have a boating accident. In addition, they may extend assistance to anyone who has suffered the same fate. Boaters can call for help on behalf of fellows in certain boating or navigating trouble.

Boaters often replace ordinary CB radio antennas with longer ones for better coverage and performance. Although common antennas can still be suitable for communication, they may need more fine-tuning to maximize their performance. On the other hand, longer antennas can perform better. You may check out Stryker’s antennas and the like to know more about these options.

It’s Cheap

CB radios are way cheaper than other types of transceiver radios. Nonetheless, some modern types may cost more than the old and average ones. Still, they’re generally more affordable than the others. In most cases, they typically cost USD$100-USD$500. These prices may only increase when some accessories and features are added.

Besides this, CB radios don’t require data and pre- and post-payments to work since they don’t need cell reception. After installation, you can use your CB radio as much as possible. However, you must consider CB radio’s features, performance, and coverage before paying for it to maximize your money’s worth.

It Gives Warnings

CB radios provide various information, including warnings. In the context of boating, the most applicable and helpful are weather alerts. These notify the boaters about weather disturbances, such as waterspouts, storms, and squalls, that may harm lives and properties.

Having advanced information allows boaters to ensure the safety of their loved ones and their prized possessions. Besides this, many modern CB radios even have Digital Selective Calling (DSC) features that are very helpful to boaters and owners. These features allow the sending of distress calls when needed.

When buying CB radios, choose a product with noise-canceling features or limiters to ensure audible messages. You may need to select the radios with backlit, and LED features to see their indicators easily during the dark too. 

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It Enhances Boating Experience

CB radios have enhanced their features through the years. With these improvements, boaters can increase their experience. If you’re a boater, you may consider looking for the following:

  • Bluetooth

Many modern CB radios are Bluetooth-enabled and allow mobile devices to connect to the CB radio, making them operationally hands-free.

  • Public Address (PA)

Some CB radios have a PA switch usually linked to a PA speaker. When turned on, the transmission will be broadcast through the speaker, not the internal CB radio speaker.

  • Noise Blanker

This feature reduces the noise from the received signal. Apart from the noise frequency, it reduces the sounds from lightning and other natural noises too.

  • RF Gain Control

This feature adjusts the received intensity. With this, the boater can maximize the receiving coverage of his device.

  • Weather Channel

When open, this feature allows you to pick up the various weather frequencies that can provide weather information and alerts.

  • Squelch Control

This feature eliminates static and weak signals. Nevertheless, too much squelch adjustment may reduce the coverage.

  • Delta Tune

Older models need this feature to fine-tune their frequencies. On the other hand, this feature allows modern models to have stable frequencies.

Wrapping Up

CB radios provide a string of benefits to boaters. Besides being an excellent communication device, CB radios serve as emergency channels and weather alert providers. They also feature various controls and indicators that can make the most of every boating experience.

Suppose you’re a boater who’s in limbo or buying a CB radio or not. In that case, you must refer to this post and use its insights before paying for the device. On top of this, consider choosing the CB radio that would serve its use and your interest best.

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