boat leaks

Those Damn Leaks: How to Find and Fix Boat Leaks

The source of a boat leak is not always easy to find (or fix). Here’s how I diagnosed and repaired a troublesome boat leak on my sailboat Spring (and the preceding winter) is the time to prepare our boats for the upcoming boating season. In this article, I will discuss finding and addressing two...

install new sump pump

How to Install a New Shower Sump Pump on Your Boat

A step-by-step installation of a shower sump pump replacement project on a boat Last time I discussed some basic ideas on planning your winter maintenance chores and conducting a walk around inspection of your boat when you first visit her after she has been hauled and blocked. In this article, I will...

ethanol gas in boats

Winterizing Boats and Motorcycles with Ethanol Blended Gas

Winterization tips for your boat or motorcycle to avoid ethanol blended fuel issues If you trailer your boat then you most likely fill it up with fuel at gas stations on the road. Let’s face it – it is often cheaper and more convenient than fueling up at the gas dock in the water. The problem...

hopeful boater

Hope Boating or Know Boating – Which Type of Boater are You?

Are you a boater that hopes for the best, or a knowledge boater prepared for the unexpected? If you don’t know the systems on your boat; if you aren’t sure of the condition of your systems; if you rely on the reliability built in by your boat manufacture then restrict your boating to nice...

make your boat reliable

How to Find A Reliable Boat

You cannot buy a reliable boat, but you can buy, configure and operate a reliable boat. It is up to the Boat owner/operator to make sure everything has been done to increase the chances to getting where you are going and back again, safely, without a tow. Whenever Navy Captains go to sea they...

fix old boat

5 Signs It’s Time To Fix Your Boat

How to troubleshoot what is wrong with your boat and determine the proper boat repair or fix As a boat owner you understand your boat maintenance is a continuous work in progress. With regular boat repairs and occasional upgrades it can really become a timely process. The total work time you should spend on...

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