spring boat commissioning mistakes

Spring Boat Commissioning: 8 Mistakes for Boaters to Avoid

Commissioning your boat at the start of boating season requires a lot more than removing your boat cover and slapping on some bottom paint. In fact, proper spring boat commissioning can make a big difference in the safety and longevity of your boat. From minor nuisance mistakes that can cause you a lot of aggravation,...

creating boating checklists

How to Create and Use Good Checklists for Your Boat

As a person of a certain age, I have come to appreciate the value of lists. However, the attraction is not new. When I began my flight training in the early 1980’s, there were checklists for pre-flight activities, pre-departure, entering a Terminal Control Area, landing, securing the aircraft, and on and on and on....

hopeful boater

Hope Boating or Know Boating – Which Type of Boater are You?

Are you a boater that hopes for the best, or a knowledge boater prepared for the unexpected? If you don’t know the systems on your boat; if you aren’t sure of the condition of your systems; if you rely on the reliability built in by your boat manufacture then restrict your boating to nice...

big air vapor tower

What to Know When Purchasing a Wakeboard Rack

How to chose the best wakeboard storage rack equipment for your boat When you want wakeboard racks for boats, your choices are practically endless. The main purpose of a rack is storage or organization for your equipment, but there are different features of racks depending on your needs and your boat. If you are looking...

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