What to Know When Purchasing a Wakeboard Rack

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How to chose the best wakeboard storage rack equipment for your boat

When you want wakeboard racks for boats, your choices are practically endless.

The main purpose of a rack is storage or organization for your equipment, but there are different features of racks depending on your needs and your boat.

If you are looking to buy a new wakeboard rack, there are many elements that determine what you will need.

What to Ask When Purchasing a Wakeboard Rack

Here are some basic things you should know when shopping for a wakeboard rack:

• What boards or skis are you storing?
• How many racks do you want?
• Does the rack need to come off the tower?
• What is the construction of the rack?
• How much padding is on the rack?
• Are the forks covered in rubber to protect the boards?
• Is the bungee cord integrated into the rack?
• Does the rack adjust?

Design Features of Racks

Tower racks can hold water skis, kneeboards, and wakeboards, and some are adjustable for a combination of different equipment. You may want to have a rack on each side of your boat for symmetry. Two racks are probably plenty for most casual wakeboarders, especially if each rack holds 4 boards.

A release feature allows you to remove the rack for safety or storage. The tower may not fold down correctly with the rack attached, so you wouldn’t want to leave it on all the time. It should be aluminum or stainless steel so that it doesn’t rust, but you’ll also want the rack to match your boat design and accessories.

Padding protects your board from metal damage. Forks that have been dipped in rubber add a layer of protection and soundproof against the rattles. Don’t underestimate the importance of this feature.

The bungee cord is what keeps the boards in place, but the integration is the important part of the equation. When the cord is attached to the rack, you won’t lose it when you take the board off and neglect to reattach it.

The angle of the rack may be dependent on the tower leg where it sits. Many tower legs curve or sit at an angle. When a rack is attached it may sit crooked because of the tower leg design. Adjustable racks can sit level to the horizon no matter what they are attached to.

Free Up Space

Wakeboard racks for boats increase your cabin space and protect your equipment. Even if you don’t have a tower, a rack could free up space for passengers instead of gear. Your wakeboard can get scratched, and it can also cause dings and dents in your boat.

Don’t leave your boards on the floor of your boat when they’re not in use. With so many stylish options available, you’re sure to find one that looks sleek and matches your other accessories.

After investing so much into your boat, tower, and your equipment, a rack will help you protect that investment. Your passengers will thank you when they aren’t tripping over the boards and skis. You won’t worry about losing your equipment in the water when it’s safely attached to a rack. You’ll have more fun when you aren’t concerned about your boards.

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