Family Boating

Boating is one of the best ways to spend time together as a family, sharing experiences on the water and creating memories that will last a lifetime

Most boaters will say - start them young! Its one of the best ways to get your kids hooked on boating, but also to make unforgettable memories together as a family. From boat days full of watersports and swimming to boat trips exploring new destinations together, memorable family boating adventures is one of the biggest reasons people get into boat life.

We've got a boat full of resources to make your family boating experiences even better.

Boating as a Family

family buying boat

Family Boats

Choosing the right family boat by type, style & size

Boating with Kids

Activities, safety tips and gear boating with kids

Kid's Life Jackets

Get the right kid's life jacket by age & size

Baby on Board

Safety gear & tips for bringing a baby on your boat

Family Boat Trips

Explore new family boating destinations & activities

Family Boats

family buying boat

Family boats come in all types, sizes and price ranges. What size & type of boat is best for your family?

The best family boat for you really depends on how you plan to use your boat. Are you a day boater mostly interested in watersports and anchoring out? Or are you a weekend boater going on boat trips and overnight stays where you may need more cabin space.

Finally, budget is always a concern. Smaller boats typically cost less, but a new smaller boat may actually cost more than a used bigger boat. Newer boats can also be financed making them a more affordable option. Be sure to also consider ongoing costs like fuel, slips and maintenance.

Boat shows can be a great way to climb on board a variety of sizes & styles to get a feel for what may be the perfect boat for your family.

Is a big boat or smaller boat better with kids?

Choosing the ideal boat size for a family with kids on board. Read more on


Boating with Kids

Whether you have your own kids or are entertaining your grandkids on board, kids make boating even more fun!

There's always a balance of safety and fun on board. When you have kids on your boat, you need to make sure they understand that there are rules in place to keep everyone safe. Wearing a life jacket, following captain's orders and respecting the boat are all rules you will want to have in place. With safety in mind, that's where the fun begins!

Boating with kids can vary by age. Having a baby or toddler on board will be require a lot of supervision and emphasis on safety. As kids get older, there are lots of opportunities to have them share in boating responsibilities, learn about navigation, take boating safety courses and develop a lifelong love of boating. is the companion niche boating lifestyle site to My Boat Life with resources for the boat kids in your life. Focused on balancing safety & fun, offers tips, gear and know-how to create the best possible boating experience for families with kids on the water - and it's one of the only sites with content 100% focused on families & a kid’s boating lifestyle!

kids life jackets

Choosing the right life jackets for kids

Recommended life jackets for kids by age & size. Read more on

baby boat gear

Baby boat gear essentials

Top 10 must-have baby products for your boat. Read more on


Family Boat Trips

Boating gives you access to exploring new destinations on the waterfront, and its one of the most enjoyable aspects of family boating!

Family boat trips offer a range of new experiences when boating with kids. From navigating to locations to learning all about the rich history associated with most waterfront towns, there are many teachable moments for kids on the water.

Exploring new marinas and towns on boat trips are often highlights of the boating season, and the most memorable adventures for boat families!

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