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Choosing Boating iPhone Apps for GPS Marine Navigation on Boats

New downloadable iPhone boating apps enable portable GPS marine navigation that is convenient, cost-saving technology ideal for small boats Apple iPhones seem to be a popular smartphone choice because of their ease of use and wide availability of applications that enable special features. The boating industry has recognized this trend and is introducing new boating...

boating electronics

Boating Electronics Gift Ideas for Boaters

From navigation systems to marine stereos or fish finders, here are some marine electronic gifts that your favorite captain or first mate would love to have on their boat Boaters love to have the latest technology gadgets on their boat… so buying boating electronics as a gift is sure to please your favorite boater. Today’s...

boat phone gps

Marine GPS iPhone Apps vs. Handhelds

Are new iPhone and iPad boating applications for marine GPS navigation a good alternative to handhelds? These days everything has an app. And we are starting to see the boating industry “catch up” with applications specifically for boating. There has been a lot of news in the marine industry lately about iPhone apps for boating...

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