Compare Fish Finder Screen Sizes for Your Boat

Review popular fish finder brands and models to see which size unit may be best for your boat and fishing needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

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If you are a boater that likes to fish, then having a fish finder on board is one essential marine electronic that you’ll want to install on your boat. Fish finders and multi-function displays such as the HDS series by Lowrance make a great (and shiny!) addition to any boat’s dash or stern.

One of the main factors to consider when buying a fish finder is the screen size – larger screen sizes usually mean more features, but also at a higher price. Sometimes it may be tempting to be a little economical and go for a smaller screen, but the smaller-screen fish finders are really small (and very difficult to see when on a boat)!

If you are shopping online for a fish finder it can sometimes be a little difficult to compare them in size. If you are familiar with common sizes of Apple products (like an iPhone, iPad or MacBook) then using that as a guideline for comparison purposes can be helpful.

To help you out, you can refer to the below Infographic (compliments of FishFinder Source) to get an idea of how big the screen actually is (compared to common Apple products). When you are making your fish finder buying decision, remember to ask yourself: are you willing to look at echoes and charts on an iPhone, an iPad, or a MacBook?

How Big Is Your Fish Finder?

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