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Q&A with X Shore Electric Boats to find out how it works – how fast it goes, boat range, how to charge batteries and more [VIDEO]

They say that electric boating is the future. With advancements in battery technology and a desire for a more sustainable way to boat, we’re starting to see some really interesting boats with electric motors hit the market.

We met up with X Shore Electric Boats at the 2021 Annapolis Powerboat Show to find out more about their new X Shore Eelex 8000, a 26 foot 100% electric boat.

X Shore is a boat builder from Sweden that has been getting a lot of attention since they debuted their boat in the U.S., so I was eager to know more about how does it works.

I was able to chat with X Shore’s sales manager, Patrick DeSocio to ask him questions about the boat and the company…

  • How long does the battery last & how fast does it go?
  • How do you charge the battery?
  • What type of battery does it use?
  • Is it quiet?
  • What kind of decking material is used?
  • Is the U.S. market ready for electric boating?
  • Is this the only model offered by X Shore?
  • What other types of boats will be next?

Check out our Q&A video with X Shore on their electric boat… some of the answers may be surprising!

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