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Technology in Fishing

SPONSORED POST Flannel Fishermen is a website devoted to anglers who would like to learn more about various fishing techniques, products, and destinations. Authored by anglers, Flannel Fishermen provides first-hand perspectives on this incredible sport. When most people think of fishing, technology usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. This is understandable, as...

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Top Ten Marine Accessories for Fishing

Top fishing gear with tips on how to choose (and use) important accessories Fishing is a fantastic pastime. Whether you are an onshore angler or offshore, here is a list of the essential marine accessories you need before heading out on any fishing trip. 1. Fishing Rod and Reel If you are unsure what fishing rod...

Top U.S. States to Go Crab Fishing #BAD11

These coastal waters in the U.S. are prime crabbing locations for boaters or visitors to go crab fishing & catch a variety of crab species It’s not coincidence that some of the best boating destinations in the U.S. are also some of the locations for crab fishing. Boaters love crabbing. They love trying to catch crabs...

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