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The Laws of the Sea – Read Before Boating

From right of way to protecting marine environments, make sure you understand these boating laws before you head out on your boat There are multiple statutes governing the use of the sea that have been enacted by the governments of various countries around the world. These laws are implemented on the open sea and waters...

boating fishing covid-19

Boating and Fishing COVID-19 Updates by State tool helps boaters find the latest boating and fishing updates COVID-19 restrictions in your state Accessibility to local waterways is changing weekly if not daily due to COVID-19 restrictions, so you will want to be sure to confirm your favorite boating or fishing location is open to the public prior to planning a trip....

Long Island Boating Advocates Fight for Stricter Boating Laws

Boating advocates call for crackdown on drinking and boating, enforcing stricter laws for safer boating in Long Island Boating is one of the most relaxing and fun activities — the water splashing below, the cool breeze, and hitting the open waves can truly be a magical feeling. Unfortunately, boating can be just as dangerous as...

toddler life jacket

Maryland Kids Life Jacket Laws Boating

MD Regulations for kids wearing a life jacket – age and life jacket type requirements for kids on boats Life jacket laws in Maryland for infants, toddlers and kids while boating has gotten stricter in recent years to protect children on Maryland’s many waterways. The Maryland Department of Natural Resources has developed specific state laws...

Simple Boating Safety Tips

The Darwin Awards for boating highlight simple boating rules that any fool can follow to stay safe on the water The folks at have put together another list of unbelievable boating stories that highlight boating accidents that could have – or should have – been avoided. The “Darwin Award” is basically an award given to people...

boat accident

Boat Safety Lessons Learned from Boating Accidents

Article on “Top 23 Worst Boating Accidents in 20 Years” teaches lessons of boat safety Boating is one of the best recreational activities, but the rules of the water must be taken seriously. As we cruise the bay each year, we witness our share of reckless behavior on the water. We see boaters not observing...

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