4 Tips for Keeping Your Boat Clean

keeping your boat clean

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Trying to keep your boat clean is a never-ending job, but following these 4 tips will make it a little bit easier

Whether you live on your boat or just enjoy being on it as much as possible, keeping your boat clean is often easier said than done. Saltwater, spills, stains, grease, dirt, and almost anything else are your boat’s worst nightmare.

If you’ve recently bought a boat or you’re looking for a refresher course on keeping it clean, then here are some tips to help keep your baby sparkling.

Wax the hull

If your boat is in the water more than it’s out, especially if it’s docked more often than not, then it’s important to wax it regularly. You’ll have to take your boat out of the water to wax the hull before your next outing or before dry storage.

You’ll want to wash your boat first with an environmentally-friendly boat cleaner. Non-toxic materials are essential for keeping the Earth’s water clean and safe, considering that 80% of marine pollution each year is caused by land-based sources. Once your boat is clean and dry, you can apply a coat of wax to the hull. Don’t wax the deck unless you want it to become a slip-n-slide.

Opt for water repellent

Water spots are the enemy of most windows and mirrors on vehicles, water-based or not. If you want to avoid having to scrub your windows every time water droplets dry on it, consider using a marine water repellent. It will ensure that you don’t get any irritating water spots on your boat windshield.

Don’t use saltwater

When cleaning your boat, it’s important to use fresh water and not saltwater from the sea. Saltwater is one of the aforementioned materials that can do damage to your boat and you want to minimize exposure wherever possible. Saltwater can eventually stain your boat and change the color to a not-so-pleasant yellow, so be sure to use fresh water.

Clean spots when they happen

If you get dirt on your deck or spill something, it will make your life a lot easier to clean it as soon as it happens rather than waiting. Simply rinse off your deck as much as possible to get the majority of the dirt or spill off and then you can scrub the rest later.

Hopefully, these tips can help extend the life of your boat and the enjoyment you get out of it!

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  1. JESSENovember 14, 2018

    Thanks for sharing your boat cleaning tips. I would like to add 100% natural vinegar if you spray it on the hull it will remove water stains from the boat hull. I have personally used it and does wonders!

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