A Step-by-Step Guide to Protecting Your Boat’s Surfaces

Pro tips for long-lasting paint and gelcoat surface protection from the elements using PROTEC 1

Our outdoor toys are our passions. We want to protect our motorcycles, boats, and cars to the best of our abilities, which is why we spent years developing our PROTEC System. In the world of surface protection, PROTEC 1 is a revolutionary product. It surpasses traditional waxes and ceramics with its unique chemical composition, which includes the precursors to rubber and vinyl. Whether you're a boat enthusiast, car owner, or motorcycle rider, PROTEC 1 provides unmatched protection.

Here’s the step-by-step process of using the PROTEC system to ensure your prized possessions maintain their brilliance and resilience against the elements and make future cleaning a breeze.

Step 1: BOAT SOAP - A Thorough Wash

The path to unparalleled protection begins with a clean slate. Start by using BOAT SOAP, a highly concentrated cleanser specially designed to lift grime effortlessly. Wash and clean your boat, car, motorcycle, or any surface with paint or gel coat that you want to protect. BOAT SOAP sets the stage for optimal adhesion of the following steps of the PROTEC system.

How to use BOAT SOAP: Mix one ounce (2 capfuls) of Boat Soap with every gallon of fresh water.  Clean the surface with a soft brush or wash mitt.

Step 2: CRYSTAL CLEAR - Clean/Prep the Painted/Gelcoat Surface

Once your surfaces are clean and dry, move on to the second step: CRYSTAL CLEAR. This versatile solution will remove any additional grease or contaminants that may have adhered to the surface, ensuring that the paint is 100% clean before application of the protective coating. Its application contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and prepares your paint or gel coat for the adhesion of PROTEC 1.

How to use CRYSTAL CLEAR: Spray onto a microfiber towel or directly onto your surface. Wipe thoroughly and repeat several times if needed.

Step 3: PROTEC 1 - The Apex of Protection

As the final step in achieving the world's best protection, PROTEC 1 flexes with your boat's surface, creating a durable and resilient shield. Unlike ceramics, PROTEC 1 won't crack, ensuring a long-lasting, high-gloss finish that withstands the test of time. Apply PROTEC 1 with confidence, knowing that your investment is receiving top-tier protection.

How to use PROTEC 1: Apply using an applicator pad. Remove the cap and apply several drops of product on one side of the pad (the bottle has a dripper built-in) until evenly coated (Initially, more product will need to be dripped onto the pad). When applying PROTEC 1, one or two easy swipes (left to right and top to bottom) over the surface, overlapping with each swipe, will be all that is needed for applying the product. More “swipes” of the product will not equal a thicker coating of PROTEC 1. You’ll feel it applying properly if the applicator glides smoothly. If it’s dragging, add a few more drops to the pad. Work in sections and let the product dwell on the paint for approximately 10-15 minutes (less time when warmer, longer when colder) before wiping it off. After 24 hours, once the product has cured, a second coat may be applied for additional, longer-lasting protection.

Additional Steps for Ongoing Maintenance:

To uphold the impeccable protection offered by PROTEC 1, consider incorporating these additional steps into your maintenance routine:

PROTEC SHAMPOO - Use PROTEC SHAMPOO every 30 days to maintain that unmatched PROTEC protection. This low-foam, high-lubricant wash cleans and enhances the glossy, hydrophobic finish on your surfaces.

QUICK COATING - Use QUICK COATING every 90 days to sustain the highest level of protection. This versatile solution can be used as a standalone detailer or as part of the PROTEC process, ensuring your boat, car, or motorcycle continues to shine bright.

With the comprehensive PROTEC system, you're not just maintaining your boat’s surfaces; you're elevating them to a level of brilliance, protection, and resilience that goes beyond traditional methods for multiple seasons. Follow this step-by-step guide to unleash the full potential of PROTEC 1 and ensure your boat, car, or motorcycle stands out with a lasting shine that turns heads wherever you go.

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