Guide to Cooking on a Small Boat

Boaters get valuable advice for food storage, preparation and cooking tips – along with some tasty recipes – in the new book Cooking Aboard a Small Boat

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Small boat owners lacking a galley or space on-board don’t necessarily need to go hungry or dine solely on ham and cheese sandwiches while out on the water. With some careful meal planning combined with proper cooking gear and equipment, boaters can dine well aboard any size boat.

The new book “Cooking Aboard a Small Boat – Feeding the Small Boat Sailor” by Paul Esterle guides small boat owners learn tips and techniques to dine as well as boaters with fully equipped galleys. The extensive collection of tasty recipes ideal for boating is an added bonus to this practical guide to cooking on a small boat.

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Cooking Aboard a Small Boat Book Overview

As you read the book “Cooking Aboard a Small Boat”, it is clear that the guide is written by a boater with years of practical boating and dining experience. Author Paul Esterle, fondly known as “Capt’n Pauley”, bases the book on his own cooking experiences on his 20 foot small fiberglass sailboat Ternabout.

Half of the book is devoted to numerous boat-friendly recipe ideas, techniques to prep them ahead of time and then cook them on a boat. But the book is much more than simply a recipe cookbook. There is practical advice throughout the book on how to make use of minimal space aboard a small boat – as well as lack of a functioning galley.


“Cooking Aboard a Small Boat” is available in paperback on Amazon for $16.

Boat cooking gear and equipment highlights of the book include:

  • How to build a galley box to store essential cooking equipment on a boat
  • Selecting and managing stoves and stove fuels (including safely storing them)
  • Cooking utensils, tools and cookers
  • Storage and organization gear

Tips on types of food best for a boat without a galley or refrigerator are also covered in the book. This includes keeping fresh or frozen food cool as well as storing different types of dry food (like canned goods, freeze-dried or dehydrated foods).

“Cooking Aboard a Small Boat” is a real eye-opener for small boat owners that may feel dining well while cruising or out on the hook is unattainable for them. Many of the tips are also very useful for boaters with a functioning galley that may also be looking for ways to maximize their space and menu options on a boat.

About the Author
Paul Esterle is Technical Editor of Small Craft Advisor and Editor of Mid-Atlantic Boating Magazine. He is a prolific freelance writer covering boating “How-to” and “Do It Yourself” articles for many major boating magazines. He boats on the upper Chesapeake Bay where he maintains his motley fleet of classic fiberglass boats.


“Cooking Aboard a Small Boat” is available in paperback on Amazon for $16.

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