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Our sponsored content opportunities have been developed to give you prominent exposure while contributing value to the general content of the site.

Since sponsored content sits alongside editorial content, it can go a long way in building a brand’s credibility and strengthening a brand’s message. And if the content is useful or entertaining it can favorably influence perception of the sponsor’s brand.

Additional Benefits/Exposure Include:

  • Sponsored article content remains on or with no expiration date
  • Featured article highlight in sidebar for first month
  • Articles are always available in category archives and through related articles
  • New articles are highlighted in the next monthly newsletter
  • All new articles are continuously promoted throughout our social media networks

Sponsored Content Opportunities

  • Sponsored Article ($125) – written by you, the advertiser (informative content that offers value to reader)
  • Custom Sponsored Article ($200) – written by our editors for you (in-depth related topic, review or other topic of choice)
  • Targeted Sponsored Article ($100) – sponsor an existing article

sponsored content articles

All Sponsored Content is clearly marked as a “Sponsored Article” at the beginning of the article with the company name/logo and 1 outbound link.

How to get started:

  1. Choose your Sponsored post type and site for placement ( or
  2. Provide content for articles:
    • Sponsored Article: Fully written article & images for publication (400-600 words minimum, including photo)
    • Custom Sponsored Article: Resources for article to be written & any supporting images
  3. Advertiser Attribution: advertiser must provide company logo, brief description (~25 words) and 1 outbound link

A few things to note:

  • We ONLY accept quality companies (with products and services valuable to boaters) as sponsors and advertisers
  • Category and topic must be relevant to boaters and/or the boating lifestyle
  • We reserve the right to edit articles prior to publication and maintain editorial rights to all content on our site

Branded Content Promotions

branded contentFor all of our sponsored content opportunities we offer Branded Content Promotions where your article will be promoted on social media as a boosted post. Branded Content Promotions can be used in addition to an Sponsored Article or as a standalone post of your own content (photo, video, link, etc.)

Options include:

  • Facebook boost only
  • Instagram boost only
  • Facebook + Instagram boost


Branded content introduces your company under the My Boat Life brand. In addition to traffic to your article or website from the post, your Facebook and/or Instagram account that is tagged gets additional exposure.

For Facebook, uses Facebook’s “Branded Content Tag“* that enables us to tag the advertiser’s Facebook page in the post. The advertiser will be notified, can access post-level insights, and will have the option of sharing and boosting the post further.

*Top of post will read: My Boat Life with XYZ Advertiser

Cost: Fee of $100 + your boost amount (typically suggested minimum of $25-50 – a boost is required to get visibility on Facebook)

Example: Sponsored Article ($125) with Branded Content Promotion ($100) and boosted for $50 = $275

Example Branded Content Promotion Only: $100 + boost amount

Boost will run for suggested timeframe of 10 – 30 days. Payment required prior to social boost.

In-Kind Product Reviews

We accept occasional in-kind product reviews depending on type of product/service and our capability to do an adequate review. If we cannot realistically test the product or do not have the expertise to adequately test the product we cannot accept in-kind product reviews.

Request Sponsored Content

Please provide information below for your desired Sponsored Content Opportunity. Once your requested sponsored content is approved we will send you an email notification requesting further information as needed. Payment will be requested upon publication via PayPal.

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