A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Your Boat’s Teak

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Pro tips for teak cleaning & brightening using Teak Magic as a- safe, eco-friendly way to transform teak boat decks and furniture

Teak Magic is not just a teak cleaner and brightener; it's a revolutionary two-part teak cleaning system designed to transform your teak surfaces, from your boat decks to outdoor furniture, while being environmentally friendly and easy to use. DiTEC's Teak Magic is MARPOL-compliant and a safe and effective alternative to traditional teak cleaners containing phosphoric acid or other harsh chemicals.

Unlike Snappy Teak two-part and other popular products on the market, Teak Magic’s non-toxic, organic, and waterway-safe formula ensures that your teak or wood surface is cleaned without damage, renewing it to its natural color and brightness. It won’t burn or scar your stainless steel like our other well-known competitors or damage your teak’s soft fibers, either! Who wants to sand their boat deck every single year, anyway?

Here are your step-by-step instructions to help you achieve optimal results with Teak Magic.

Pro Tips:

  • Work from top to bottom if your boat has multiple levels, allowing the product to drip to the lower decks
  • Dampen your teak first to make the process even easier

Teak Magic: Part 1 (Cleaner)

Application Directions: Wear proper safety gear, including nitrile gloves.

Prepare the Solution: In a clean bucket, mix one part Teak Magic Part 1 with four parts fresh water (1:4).

Apply Evenly: Use a foam brush, deck brush, or polypropylene scrub pad to spread Teak Magic Part 1 evenly onto the damp teak surface.

Dwell Time: Allow Part 1 to dwell on the surface for 3-5 minutes.

Scrub Gently: With a medium polypropylene scrub pad, scrub the teak with and against the wood grain using medium pressure to loosen dirt or contaminants.

Thorough Rinse: Rinse off dirt and product with fresh water, paying attention to areas like cleats or scuppers. Proceed to Teak Magic Part 2 (Brightener).

Teak Magic: Part 2 (Brightener)

Application Directions: Wear proper safety gear, including nitrile gloves.

Prepare the Solution: After rinsing off Teak Magic Part 1, dampen the surface. In a clean bucket, mix one part Teak Magic Part 2 with four parts fresh water (1:4).

Even Application: Spread Teak Magic Part 2 evenly onto the surface using a foam brush, soft bristle deck brush, or medium polypropylene scrub pad. No scrubbing is needed; let the product do the work.

Dwell Time: Allow Part 2 to dwell on the surface for 3-5 minutes.

Thorough Rinse: After teak brightens, thoroughly rinse the surface with fresh water, especially in areas where dirty water/product may accumulate.

Drying: Remove excess water and allow the teak to dry completely. When dry, apply DiTEC Triton 2.0 for extended protection against various elements.

Snappy Teak two-part and other popular teak cleaning products on the market might give you the results you’re looking for in the short term, but they can also damage your stainless steel, your teak’s soft fibers (causing you to have to sand your boat decks every single year) and the environment. Teak Magic is your user-friendly, eco-safe solution for cleaning and brightening your teak surfaces to their natural, golden hue. Follow these instructions for a hassle-free and effective teak cleaning experience, ensuring that your boat’s teak decks and furniture maintain their natural beauty for years to come.

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