Make dining while boating more convenient by stocking up on cookware, tableware and food storage gear for your boat that saves storage space, requires less power to operate and functions well in a marine environment

Everyone works up an appetite while boating, but having meals on a boat can sometimes be challenging. Space is limited for cooking… and even more limited for stowing a variety of cooking equipment. If you are out on the hook for a meal you want to conserve power – or you may not have power at all – which also limits your cookware options.

Boaters tend to keep things simple for food on the water… and some may not like to cook at all on a boat. But after awhile, cold sandwiches from the cooler can become a bit boring and it’s nice to have a little variety in your menu by cooking a meal.

With a bit of pre-planning for meals and the right gear for your boat galley, cooking or dining on a boat can be much easier than you’d think. From bow riders to motor yachts, there’s no reason why you can’t keep your boat stocked with some basic cooking essentials to serve your crew a meal on the water.

The best space saving idea for boat galleys is to choose equipment that has a dual-purpose… particularly useful if you like to cook a variety of things. Also, limit your boat galley cooking equipment to a few essentials that you will use regularly (like a bbq grill or cooktop hot plate). For cooking on the hook with no shore power, choose items that can run off of your 12V power or draw low amps from a power inverter. Cooking with propane on a barbeque grill is also a great no power way to prepare food on a boat.

Here are some of my recommendations for cookware, tableware and food storage ideas that are designed to work well in a marine environment – making it easy and convenient to make a meal on a boat.

Boat Galley Cookware Equipment Ideas

Whether you have a smaller boat without a dedicated galley or a larger boat with electric burners and a microwave, you want to have options for cooking on your boat. Here are a few cookware options that are ideal cooking gear for boats.

Magma Cabo Gas Grill
Magma Cabo Gas Grill

The Magma grills are great for cooking on a boat because they are designed for marine use. They are built with all stainless steel so they will last much longer. They also have a variety of mounting kits available so you can attached it to a railing or use a fishing rod / deck socket mount.

This model also gives you the option of table top legs so you can grill with it on a swim platform… and the legs fold for easy storage. It uses standard gas propane tanks so it requires no power to cook while out on the hook.
Available on for $139.99

DUXTOP 1800-Watt Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 8100MC

If you have a smaller boat that is not equipped with a stovetop, or if you would like a more efficient way of cooking on your boat, an induction cooktop burner is an ideal solution for a boat. It requires only 15 amps of electricity and only heats up when you place a metal pan on it… instantly cool when you remove it (great for cooking in small places to avoid heating up your boat or someone accidently touching a hot cooktop). Love this cooktop idea for a boat galley! (Note – Induction cooktops won’t work with stainless steel unless you use an interface disk – see below)
Available on Amazon for only $72.99

Magma Seven Piece Stainless Steel Nesting Starter Cookware Set
Magma Seven Piece Stainless Steel Nesting Starter Cookware Set

This marine grade quality cookware set is ideal gear for a boat galley because the stainless steel construction will last forever – plus the nesting set will save valuable storage space when you stow it away in the galley.

The set includes a frying pan, pot with lid and large stock pan with lid. Everything is held together neatly with the included bungee cord for storage. West Marine offers a ten piece cookware set too, but I think this simple seven piece starter cookware set includes everything you could need to cook on a boat. (Note: does not work on induction cooktops unless you use an interface disk – see below). Available on for only $149.99

Max Burton 6010 8-Inch Induction Interface Disk with Heat-Proof Handle

If you are using stainless steel cookware on your boat and want to use a low-energy induction cooktop burner, get this interface disk. Simply place the interface on the induction cooktop and then you can cook with any type of cookware (including stainless steel). Available on Amazon for only $39

Waring Twelve Cup 12v Coffee Maker

Waring Twelve Cup 12v Coffee Maker

There is nothing better than a nice hot cup of coffe with breakfast on a boat. A 12V model will allow you to easily make coffee if you anchor out for the night. A lot of people try to save space with a 4 cup model but it doesn’t give you much if you like more than a few cups.

You can buy the 12 Cup 12V model at for only $99 or if you need to save some space in your boat galley, get the 4 Cup 12V model for only $39.99.

Tableware, Glasses and Kitchen / Galley Accessories for a Boat

Here are some other essential boat gear ideas to make cooking and dining on your boat more convenient… and also more enjoyable!

Waring 12v Blender
Waring 12v Blender

Frozen cocktails on a boat deck are the best way to enjoy a hot day on the water. A 12V blender model will give you more flexibility to blend up a smoothie when you only have battery power out on the hook. Access power with a standard 12V plug (cord has a nice length too). With a powerful 7A motor it crushes ice really well.

The stainless steel body will hold up nice on the water and the shatter-proof plastic pitcher will not break on the boat. Available on for only $149.99

Galleyware Ring It Stemware RingsGalleyware Ring It Stemware Rings

Love these wine glass rings! Not only are they a great way to “color code” your wine glasses to remember who has each glass, but they are slip resistant and will keep wine glasses from sliding on smooth cockpit tables (red wine on new deck carpet is not a good thing!) or slipping around in your galley cabinet. They fit regular or acrylic wine glasses too. Available on for only $9.99


Wine Enthusiast Indoor/Outdoor Cabernet/Merlot Wine Glasses, Set of 4
I like these unbreakable polycarbonate wine glasses better than typical acrylic ones because they look and feel more like real glass. They really are the next best thing to real glass… and perfect for a nice glass of wine on the boat! They also come in a white wine version. Available on Amazon for only $29.95

Progressive International Velocity Deluxe Manual Food Processor
Progressive International Velocity Deluxe Manual Food Processor

This manual food processor is the ultimate dual-purpose galley accessory when you don’t have any shore power on a boat. You can use it to chop up vegetables, puree salsas or dips, as a salad spinner to wash lettuce and more! Available on for only $19.99

Progressive International Collapsible Prep Bowls, Blue Storage
Progressive International Collapsible Prep Bowls, Blue Storage

These collapsible bowls are great for saving valuable storage space in a boat galley. They are convenient for making all kinds of meals – for preparing, serving or storing food.

The bowls collapse down to about 1/3 of their size in height when you need to stow them away in your boat galley. Available on for only $11.00

Cookbooks for Boats

The Boat Galley CookbookThe Boat Galley Cookbook

No matter what anyone tells you, boat cooking IS different from cooking ashore. The space is smaller, there’s no grocery store 5 minutes away, you have fewer prepared foods and electric appliances, and food storage is much different.

The Boat Galley Cookbook: 800 Everyday Recipes and Essential Tips for Cooking Aboard is designed to help you every step of the way. We hope it becomes a trusted reference on your boat, and a source of many enjoyable meals.

Available on in paperback for $25

The Book Cookbook – Real Food for Hungry Sailors

For anyone with a tiny galley kitchen, there’s good news: no more bland leftovers aboard. These delicious and easy recipes, all made with minimum fuss and maximum flavour, will allow you to spoil yourself in harbour and keep things simple at sea-not to mention rustle up a mean rum punch. With handy ideas on setting up the galley, a lazy guide to filleting mackerel and tips for hosting the perfect beach barbecue, this is the must-have guide for sailors and seaside-lovers alike.

The Boat Cookbook: Real Food for Hungry Sailors features recipes from top chefs and sailing legends.

Available on Amazon in hard cover for $15

More Ideas to Save Space and Power in a Boat Galley

Here are some more general space saving ideas for tight quarters in a boat galley:

– Buy dual-purpose and multiple-use items to maximize your boat galley gear
– Use stacking pots, bowls, dishes and other nesting sets to save storage space
– Invest in disposable zip-loc bags for storing items rather than bulky storage containers
– Use a drying mat that can fold rather than a dish drain board

For maximizing power when cooking on a boat, buy cooking appliances that can work with no power, little power, 12V or with an inverter. Ideas include a pressure cooker, rice cooker with inverter or bbq grill with propane tank.

West Marine Slim 1000w Inverter
West Marine Slim 1000w Inverter

Using an inverter is a great way to expand your power capabilities on a boat for cooking. This 1000w Power Inverter converts 12 volt boat battery power into 110 volts of AC power.
Available on for $109.99



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