Can I Drive My Yacht Anywhere In The World?

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Yachts have always been popular, but their appeal skyrocketed during and after the pandemic. Remote jobs have also made it easier for people to merge leisure and work, with some opting for long-term engagements with yacht rental companies, like Cabo yacht rental company.

You can drive your yacht anywhere in the world if your yacht is the right size (30 – 45 feet long) to handle high waves and with adequate space for food, water, and personal items. You also need proof of yacht ownership, and visas for destinations you will be making stops.

The size of the yacht is critical. If it is too small, it may not have sufficient space for the necessities. If it is too big (over 50ft long), you’ll need an entire crew to run it seamlessly. 

What You Need To Drive A Yacht Across The World

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A yacht gives you the freedom to explore the waters, and you may be tempted to visit different countries. However, before you leave, you need to ensure you will be safe and that you have all the supplies you will need during your journey. 

Here are some of the things you’ll need to drive a yacht worldwide.

  • A recognized license to drive a yacht. This is usually a requirement if you are renting a yacht. It may not be an issue if the yacht is yours. However, you need to find out what the countries you’ll visit expect. Most countries accept ICC (the International Certificate of Competency License) and SLC (the International Sailing License and Credentials). Find out what licenses are required in the countries you intend to visit before you depart.
  • A suitable yacht. Size is the first thing that comes to mind, and the recommended yacht is 30 – 45 feet long. This doesn’t mean smaller yachts won’t work because the smallest boat to ever go across the globe was 21 feet. However, larger yachts are more comfortable, safer, faster, and have adequate storage space. The downside is your trip will be more expensive. 
  • Enough funds. Traveling on your yacht can be costly, depending on your destination. Besides the money you need for food and fuel, you also need to know how much you’ll need for yacht permit fees, mooring fees, visa fees, and maintenance fees. 
  • Extra fuel. The amount of fuel you need for your journey will depend on the distance you’ll cover before you get to the next port. You also need to consider the size of the boat, the speed you’ll be traveling, and the power you’ll be using. 

Besides the above, you also need to ensure you are physically and mentally prepared. You need to have a physical check to ensure you are healthy. You don’t want to risk getting sick in the middle of your journey, with no access to medical services.

Ensure you have all the medication you need for your entire journey, or enough to last you until you get to a port. 

You also need to prepare yourself mentally, especially if you’re not used to living on a yacht. While living on a yacht, you will need to be prepared for living in  a smaller space and you may lose some of your privacy, especially if you have several people on board. 

It may take some time, but once you’re psychologically prepared, you’ll adjust fairly quickly. The journey will also be seamless if you have all the necessary documentation for the countries you wish to visit as well as enough food and supplies needed for everyone on the voyage. 

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