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Pontoon boats are a popular and growing boating trend… Review the brands, manufacturers and models available for today’s pontoon boat buyers

Pontoon boats have grown in popularity in recent years because of their affordability, convenience and emphasis on comfort. With “car like” driving and maneuverability, even novice boaters can quickly learn how to navigate waters of nearly any depth with a pontoon boat.
The number of pontoon boat manufacturers and brands has also grown in recent years. Pontoon boater enthusiasts now have a large selection of models and features to choose from when buying a pontoon boat – from cheap and basic to expensive and luxurious.

Best Pontoon Boat Brands and Manufacturers

When buying a pontoon boat for the first time, many boaters may be familiar with only a few brands or manufacturers. However, there are over 34 pontoon boat brands to choose from with numerous models and features available in each brand or manufacturing line. Choosing the best pontoon boat brand and model will help long-term with the boat resale value.

Some of the more popular pontoon boat brands include:

  • Aqua Patio (manufactured by Godfrey Marine)
  • Avalon Luxury Pontoons (manufactured by Avalon & Tahoe Mfg. Inc.)
  • Bennington (manufactured by Bennington Marine)
  • Bentley (manufactured by Encore Boat Builders, LLC)
  • Berkshire Pontoons (manufactured by Forest River Marine/Odyssey)
  • Fisher Boats (manufactured by Tracker Marine, LLC)
  • G3 Boats (manufactured by G3 Boats)
  • Harris FloteBote (manufactured by Harris Kayot Marine, LLC)
  • Lake Pro (manufactured by Pond King, Inc.)
  • Landau (manufactured by C.R.C. Development Company, LLC)
  • Legend (manufactured by Legend Boats)
  • Leisure Kraft (manufacturered by Leisure Kraft Pontunes)
  • Leisure Pontoons (manufactured by Premier Marine, LLC)
  • Lowe Boats (manufactured by Lowe Boats)
  • Manitou Pontoon Boats (manufactured by Triton Industries, Inc.)
  • Monark Marine (manufactured by Starcraft Marine, LLC)
  • Parti Craft (manufactured by Godfrey Marine)
  • Pond Kind Pro (manufactured by Pond King, Inc.)
  • Prairie Adventure (manufactured by Prairie Adventure, LLC)
  • Premier Pontoons (manufactured by Premier Marine, Inc.)
  • Princecraft (manufactured by Princecraft Boats)
  • Prowler Series (manufactured by Prairie Adventures)
  • Sanpan (manufactured by Godfrey Marine)
  • Sea Ryder (manufactured by Godfrey Marine)
  • Smoker Craft (manufactured by Smoker-Craft, Inc.)
  • South Bay Pontoons (manufactured by Forest River Marine/Odyssey)
  • Starcraft Marine (manufactured by Starcraft Marine, LLC)
  • Sun Tracker (manufactured by Tracker Marine, LLC)
  • Sunchaser (manufactured by Smoker-Craft, Inc.)
  • Suncruiser (manufactured by Lowe Boats)
  • Sweetwater (manufactured by Godfrey Marine)
  • Sylvan (manufactured by Smoker-Craft, Inc.)
  • Tahoe Pontoons (manufactured by Avalon & Tahoe Mfg. Inc.)
  • Triton Boats (manufactured by Triton Boat Company)
  • Tuscany (manufactured by Godfrey Marine)
  • Yamaha Motor Canada (manufactured by Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.)
Among the brands noted, some of the larger manufacturers that are considered to be the best pontoon boats in the industry are Godfrey, Harris, Prairie, Starcraft, Tracker, Triton and Odyssey.

Common Features Available in Pontoon Boat Models

Pontoon boats are known for their ability to hold a large number of people – up to 15 people in some models. Pontoon boat seating is all about comfort. Typically pontoon boat seats run the length of both sides of the boat, making optimal use of the space. A variety of pontoon boat accessories can also be added to customize the deck layout and use of the space.

The wide open deck space of a pontoon boat makes fishing from any angle very easy. The ability to take the boat in nearly any depth of water (because of the shallow depth of the pontoons) makes it a great choice for fisherman. There are also some models designed exclusively as fishing pontoon boats or bass pontoon boats.

Evaluating the Best Pontoon Boat Brands and Manufacturers

There are pontoon boats to fit every budget – from economy to luxury models. Boat manufacturers carry multiple brands to cater to the variety of needs on the market. Be sure to compare objectively when deciding to buy a pontoon boat.

For example, pontoon boats with outboard engines will be cheap and more economical, but will lack power on the water. A stern drive engine will increase the cost, but will offer speed and power for skiing and tubing with a pontoon boat. Decide how the pontoon boat will be used on the water and let the intended usage guide the final buying decision for the best pontoon boat brand.

Many pontoon boats offer boaters an affordable way to get into boating with their first boat purchase. Marine lenders can offer very attractive boat loan financing with payments that can make owning a pontoon boat very similar in owning a second car.

Pontoon Boat Accessories

Check out these pontoon boat accessories to give your boat an upgrade!

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  1. Jack FisherMay 20, 2019

    Hi Diane, Thank you for this lovely guide about pontoon boats.

  2. boatingmagzDecember 24, 2018

    Since its your first boat, I would suggest a used but not abused entry model. No bells and whistles, no 12 year payments, no need to worry about spilling Mountain Dew on the seats.

    most boats get used the first year 10 times, second year 5 times, third year once or twice, 4th year none….5th year the owner is wondering Why am i paying every month for a boat that i am too busy to use.

    now on the other hand if you love it and going all the time,. then invest more money in a boat you want and by that time you will know what you want.

    most beginners start tubing at 5-10mph and water skiing between 12-17mph. Use wider skis and easier for you to get up and easier on the boat. Most small pontoons (20 foot) a 50hp will work, larger engines will get skier up faster, but also suck more gas

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  4. Ashley TurnsAugust 10, 2017

    Thank you so much for telling me that pontoon boats can seat up to 15 people and have very comfortable seats. I have considering throwing my next anniversary party on a boat since that is where my husband and I were married five years ago. So knowing that a pontoon boat can contain so many people makes it a very viable option for me to hold a small anniversary party.

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