seakeeper stabilizer

Why And How To Install Seakeeper Stabilizers On Your Boat

Boating is an enjoyable and rewarding activity. The rocking of the boat and the splashing of water can signal a day of adventure. However, the boat roll or side-to-side motion of the water can be uncomfortable for some, leading to dizziness, fatigue, nausea, or seasickness. Maintaining stability and comfort should be a priority if...

seakeeper team

From Sick to Smiling, Transforming the Boating Experience

Eliminating boat roll and seasickness for a transformed boating experience – Kelsey Albina shares her work with Seakeeper and her own boating lifestyle Anchors Aweigh is a podcast for all boaters, from aspiring to experienced. Featuring in-depth conversations with boating experts and industry leaders, and packed full of tips, tricks, gear, and industry info, boaters...

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