AJ Meerwald

I Love What I Do

To say that I love what I do as a schooner captain is a gross over-simplification I do not dwell on the pleasure that I get from being a schooner captain. Operating the vessel required too much of my attention. Holding course, checking sail trim, monitoring traffic, keeping an eye on passengers, listening to...


On Being Number Two

The love of being on the water and the constant search for new challenges brings a Chesapeake Bay sailor to an experience that he had not quite expected Sometimes I think I came to my sailing life in reverse. What I mean is that I knew from the age of fifteen that I was...

Schooner AJ Meerwald

On Board the Schooner A.J. Meerwald

Historic Chesapeake Bay Schooner sets sailĀ inĀ annual Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race Being a licensed Captain is a great source of pride to me. I have enjoyed working with my clients as well as pursuing other commercial opportunities like relief captain jobs on various schooners, water taxi and tow boat jobs, and tour boat and...

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