ethanol gas in boats

Winterizing Boats and Motorcycles with Ethanol Blended Gas

Winterization tips for your boat or motorcycle to avoid ethanol blended fuel issues If you trailer your boat then you most likely fill it up with fuel at gas stations on the road. Let’s face it – it is often cheaper and more convenient than fueling up at the gas dock in the water. The problem...

boatUS clean marinas

BoatUS Offers Marinas Free Oil Spill Training

Boat fuel dock summer hires can get free spill training compliments of the BoatUS Foundation As boaters get ready for a busy boating season ahead, marinas, boat yards and clubs will be looking to hire additional dock hands for the summer. Some of these marina employees may be seasoned dock hands returning from previous...

Improving Boat Fuel Consumption and Efficiency

With the cost of fuel on the rise, boaters need to rethink how they use their boat to use less fuel boating and save money If you’re a boater on a budget then you’re bound to be looking for ways to increase your vessel’s fuel efficiency. Fuel is a significant cost when running a boat,...

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