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Navigating Safe Waters: Essential Boating Safety Tips

As the allure of open waters beckons, ensuring boating safety becomes paramount to protect precious lives and preserve cherished moments. In 2022 alone, boating accidents claimed the lives of 658 individuals and left 2,641 injured—a sobering reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness on the water. Read on to learn more about boating safety...

3 Boating Safety Tips You Should Keep in Mind This Summer

Follow these simple boating safety tips that can mean the difference between a best summer ever boating season and a life-changing boating accident We love our boat life, but we are also aware that boating safety is an important part of it. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, there were almost 4,500 recreational boating accidents...

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3 Checklists You Should Create for Your Boat

In my last article on boat checklists, I identified reasons why one might want to use various checklists and how to create and use good checklists for your boat. I also pointed out that creating a checklist can be as helpful as referring to one. A few types of lists were mentioned, but generally better...

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