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My Boat Life is pleased to participate in the Marine Ad Network – the only online advertising network 100% devoted to the boating industry.

Marine Ad Network connects publishers, advertisers, and users by serving over 16 million monthly impressions to a network of over 200 marine and boating related websites, blogs and boating groups.

Advertisers interested in display advertising opportunities on (along with other boating niche sites) are encouraged to sign-up as an advertiser with the Marine Ad Network using the below form. You’ll get a no-obligation proposal and a custom online campaign built for your budget.

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About Marine Ad Network

Advertising in the Marine Ad Network means your online advertising campaign is seen by the right audience – boaters. We offer a high level of service, transparency and statistics reports to help our partners succeed.

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What we Do Best

Create Brand Loyalty – Increase Sales and ROI – Get your brand in front of a fully vetted, engaged and highly targeted audience. Our influencers are in the marine industry and are ready to get your brand in front of millions of their readers and social media followers.

Take the “Pain” Away with Turnkey Solutions – We offer Turn Key Solutions making it easier to connect with hundreds of websites and social media influencers in the time it would take you to engage with just a few yourself.

Unbeatable Rates – Our rates are unbeatable. We are also comfortable working with both small companies and Fortune 500 brands. We tailor each ad campaign to your company’s specific needs.

How it Works

  1. You choose your campaign’s model and rate: CPA, CPC or CPM.
  2. You send us your creative ads and URLs.
  3. We set up your campaign and provide you with detailed reporting info.

Optimizing Control

Marine Ad Network’s highly experienced performance team will focus on optimizing your campaigns and managing your traffic to ensure you the best ROI.

Marine Ad Network’s creative team and marketing specialists can help you increase the effectiveness by suggesting different kind of creative ads, landing pages, and/or targeting.

How Much Does it Cost?

Price is determined by your marketing needs. We develop a customized plan to meet your criteria. The cost of inventory is determined through the four main pricing models:

CPM = Cost per thousand impressions
CPC = Cost per click
CPA = Cost per action

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Ready to Get Started?

Fill out the inquiry form on this page to get a no-obligation proposal that meets your marketing goals and budget!

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