Our Favorite Marina & Boat Trip Destination We Visit Every Year

Rock Hall Favorite

Our go-to boat trip every year and why we keep visiting this same Rock Hall Maryland marina every boating season

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We’ve gone on lot of boat trips to different places on the Chesapeake Bay over the years, but one location we keep going back to every year is Rock Hall Maryland.

And there’s one marina we always stay at – that has a special place in our hearts, but also is one of the best transient marinas around – Haven Harbour Marina. This place is one of the most well run marinas, packed full of amenities, making it our go-to marina destination every year… sometimes twice a year!

Be sure to check out our video recap with highlights of our favorite marina in Rock Hall Maryland.

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Our Favorite Marina & Destination

If you are familiar with the Chesapeake Bay, then you have no doubt visited Rock Hall Maryland. Located on the eastern shore just north of the Chesapeake Bay, Rock Hall Maryland is a popular boating destination for both power boats and sail boats.

Rock Hall is relatively easy to access from points north & south. The town is fairly small, and known for being a Waterman’s town because many crabbers hail from the harbor. Rock Hall is definitely a slow paced town, with a handful of restaurants and bars to keep you entertained.

On top of it being a great town to visit, there’s one marina located in Rock Hall that is hands down one of the best marinas on the Chesapeake Bay: Haven Harbour Marina

We’ve been staying at this particular marina in Rock Hall for over 20 years. In fact, Haven Harbour was the first marina we ever visited BEFORE we were boaters when friends had us out on their boat. Since then, we have been to the marina almost every boating season. A few years ago we even spent a month long stay in Rock Hall while we had some work done on our boat by their amazing service department.

Located on the quiet side of town known as Swan Creek, we prefer Haven Harbour North (previously just known as Haven Harbour) over their newest marina Haven Harbour South that is located on the harbour side of town. I’m sure South is just as nice, but we like the quieter side of town and prefer it over the busier harbor side.

When you stay at this marina their are so many activities you have access to – from swimming to paddling to bikes – and there’s tons of relaxing spots throughout the property with lawn games, firepits and seating areas. Two of the docks are floating and everything is immaculate. Its a very well run marina.

Here’s a quick recap video of why we LOVE Haven Harbour Marina (north) and call it our favorite marina in Rock Hall!

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