Our First Boat Dog and Doggie Boat Gear We Use

boat dog gear

boat gear
Here’s all the special doggie boat gear we got to make sure our new little boat dog is safe and comfortable on board

After years of begging from the kids, we FINALLY got a boat dog! In fact, this is our first dog ever. But of course as boaters, we knew that any dog we got would inevitably become a boat dog.

Having a dog has been a great addition to our family and boat life. We’re learning how to boat with a dog, and what type of dog boat gear we needed to have on board. Just like having the right baby boat gear, you need to be sure to pick out doggie boat gear for her safety and comfort on the boat.

Boat Dog Gear

Captain Brian shares how it has been going with our new boat dog & what gear we use:
(see recap with links under video)

Dog Boat Gear We Use

Here’s all the doggie boat gear from our video:
Doggie Life Jacket – we bought two – XS for first few months (when she was 5-10 lbs) and small for her to grow into.
Puppy bowls with mat – we got the smaller puppy size bowl set, but it comes in several sizes & colors. Fits nice by the fridge in galley and we bring it up on deck sometimes too. The mat helps catch any spills!
Foldable Crate – this crate is super sturdy and easily folds down if you need to stow it. We got the medium size so it would be a little bigger to allow for a pee pad in the early months in case she needed it. We have since upgraded to a bigger bed inside that fills the entire space so she can stretch out as she grows.
Nautical Dog Toys – this set was a gift and she LOVES the octopus and the ropes are all nautical colors – great to play with on the boat.

Meet Gracie the Boat Dog

boat dog familyAlthough we appreciate adopting pets, we decided to choose a breed that we felt would be best for our family and lifestyle. We wanted a dog that would be a smaller breed, low shed, sociable & easy to train… all characteristics that we felt would make a good boat dog.

Gracie is a Cavapoo – King Charles Cavalier and Miniature Poodle mix. She’s hypoallergenic, low shedding, small (will be about 12-15 lbs) and has a very mild temperament.  She is super sociable and loves to meet people on the dock. For us, she was the perfect choice for our first boat dog!

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