After 30 Years, The Miami Yacht Show is Moving to a New Location

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Miami Yacht Show, formerly Yachts Miami Beach, leaves iconic Collins Ave location for new show venue in 2019

Show management announced at the 2018 event that the Miami Yacht Show location will move in time for the 2019 event to a new venue. The announcement was praised by many, solving many logistical issues experienced by both boaters and exhibitors.

Recently, at the Miami Yacht Show on Collins Avenue, more than 500 luxury yachts lined the mile and a half shoreline of the Indian Creek Waterway.

The Miami Yacht Show will move in 2019 to Biscayne Bay, between the Venetian and MacArthur causeways. The new location offers improved parking, with 3,500 additional parking spaces. Also, water taxi transportation will connect the 2019 Miami Yacht Show to its secondary site on the Islands Gardens Deep Harbour marina at the Super Yacht Miami.

The new venue will also be much closer to the Miami Boat Show at Marine Stadium, also on Biscayne Bay, that runs concurrently with the Miami Yacht Show and offers a joint ticket for both events. Boat builders that offer a wide range of boat sizes, like Sea Ray or Cruisers, typically have bigger yachts at the Miami Yacht Show while also exhibiting smaller boats under 40 feet at the Miami Boat Show.

For boat buyers and exhibitors that need to attend or work both events, the new Miami Yacht Show location is a welcomed move that will simplify travel time between the two events. Previously, travel time from the Collins Ave location to the Marine Stadium could take well over an hour.

Improved Showcase at New Miami Yacht Show Location

According to show management, the new Miami Yacht Show location will offer more space for exhibiting yachts in the water, as well as special event features on land.

“The show will be better positioned for growth with additional land space to enhance and expand VIP lounges and add entertainment and additional concession options, as well as benefit from the proximity to Island Gardens Deep Harbour for yachts up to 400 feet,” said Andrew Doole, general manager of Informa, the Miami Yacht Show’s co-owner and producer. “That being said, we are grateful for the many great years of support and collaboration with the City of Miami Beach and all the other entities that have contributed to the success of the show for the past 30 years.”

According to Curbed Miami, next year’s Yacht Show will still feature some amazing vessels, but won’t be held in the same spot it’s been in for the last 30 years. The 2016 Miami Yacht Show featured Silver Fast, an Australian 250-foot superyacht worth about $85 million.

Roughly 95% of all boats sold across the country are made in the United States. Not too many of these boats, however, reach the $10 million price tag. These boats range from small fishing boats to large oceanic vessels. But some, especially those worth millions of dollars, are still fun to look at.

Boat buyers and marine industry professionals alike find the new Miami Yachts location to be a positive move for future events.

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