Just A Castaway: Vacation Spots You Can Only Access By Boat

5 amazing resort destinations so remote they can only be accessed by water on a boat taking boating enthusiasts to the next level

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Caught in the hustle and bustle of your daily life, chances are you have a vacation on the mind. There are seemingly endless benefits of clocking out and unplugging for a while. In fact, a study by Ernst and Young found that for each additional 10 hours of vacation time, employee performance ratings improved by 8%.

But for you, the benefits of vacation may have one extra special perk:

You get to kick back on your boat.

As a boating enthusiast, aquatic getaways are likely the ultimate vacations. So, for your next vacation, why not take water-locked to the next level?

“If you’re craving quality time to disconnect for some long overdue R and R, you need to go remote, off the grid,” Brazen Women writes. “And how far away can get than some majestic faraway spots you can only get to by taking a boat across the water. Yes, that’s right. What you want to be is trapped in paradise.”

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Boat Destination Resorts

The following are some of the world’s most remote vacation resorts that can only be accessed by water.

    1. Paradise Beach, Nevis: This remote part of Nevis is a haven for restoration and relaxation. Travelers need to fly to Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport, take a car to Reggae Beach, then take a water taxi to Paradise Beach. Once you get there, you will be greeted by nothing but beaches, nature, and cozy villas.
    2. Rayavadee, Thailand:Thailand has become a travel hot spot in recent years — for good reason. But you can break away from the busy tourist centers to unwind in this natural area. If you enjoy hiking, rock climbing, snorkeling, and exploring islands, this is the vacation for you.
    3. Waiheke Island, New Zealand: Many travelers take day trips to this island from Aukland. You can take a ferry to this hilly location, where you can enjoy sightseeing, wine tours, and general nature. You’re sure to be charmed by the mixed terrain of the island.
    4. Soneva Jani, The Maldives: This resort is named after the Sanskrit word for “wisdom.” While it may take an hour to half a day to get there by boat, this remote area is certainly worth the trip. Upon arrival, you will see rows of island and overwater villas, one of which will be your accommodations. Enjoy the tranquility of resting by the water and soaking in nature.
    5. Blue Haven Resort, Turks And Caicos: Tucked against a private beach, this island resort provides the getaway you need. Feel free to doze in a hammock for the afternoon or get active on their youthful water trampoline. While the island is quite remote, you can also take trips to the surrounding islands.

Many vacationers also choose to access remote locations by private plane. And since private jets use a network of over 5,000 airports in the United States, compared to 550 used by commercial airlines, this trend holds true internationally as well. However, many of the above locations can’t even be accessed by small private jets. This creates a unique experience for boat and water enthusiasts alike.

No matter your vacation preferences, you will likely find the right remote location for you. Just remember to turn off your phone, kick off your shoes, and relax. The message in a bottle is optional.

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