Are You a Boatanista? 12 Ways You Might Be a Woman Obsessed with Boating

The Boatanista

If you are a woman who REALLY loves boating, and are somewhat obsessed with the boating lifestyle, then you just might be a Boatanista

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It’s not the trademark. Or the boat with the name on the back. Or the colorful logo featuring waves and an oversized anchor.

I am the “Boatanista” for one reason. It is in my DNA.

I was a boater before I could walk. When other kids were riding tricycles I was learning to ski. I could handle a trailer before I had a driver’s license. As the only child of two professional water skiers, I learned boating skills at a young age.

There was never a question of whether I could do it; it was only a matter of how long it would take me to master a new task. I grew up believing women were fully capable of driving a boat and handling a trailer. In fact, I am a big advocate for women in boating and believe that boating is no longer a man’s domain.

Thirty years after buying my first boat, my enthusiasm for being out on the water has not diminished. In fact, it has grown. My passion for boating has earned me the title of the Boatanista.

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Do you have what it takes to be a Boatanista?

If you are a woman who loves boating – REALLY loves boating – then you just might be a Boatanista too.

Boatanistas are obsessed with boating. They are so into boating it takes over every aspect of their life. They defy gender stereotypes when it comes to boat handling or maintenance.

Here are some clues you might be a Boatanista:

You might be a Boatanista if… your engine cover has your name written in pink!

boat engine pink name

You might be a Boatanista if . . . you registered for your wedding at West Marine.

west marine wedding

You might be a Boatanista if… you know what an IAC valve is, and you know how to fix it!!

iac valve fix

You might be a Boatanista if . . . you tie off your garbage bags in a bowline knot.

trash bowline knotYou might be a Boatanista if . . . every morning when you arrive to work you ask the receptionist for permission to climb aboard.

woman cruising boat

You might be a Boatanista if . . . you use restaurant leftovers for bait.

women fishing
photo: Betty Bauman – Ladies let’s go fishing

You might be a Boatanista if . . . you plan your day around high tide.

high tide chart

You might be a Boatanista if . . . the dating website you joined is trying to hook you up with Popeye.
popeye date

You might be a Boatanista if . . . someone says you were “three sheets to the wind” and you had not been drinking; you simply lost control of the sail ropes.

woman sailing

You might be a Boatanista if . . . you always root for Navy even though your father and brother went to West Point.

navy fanYou might be a Boatanista if . . . the dock manager asks to see to the captain and you say, “You’re looking at her.”

Lisa Almeida boat captain

You might be a Boatanista if . . . your cats are named Barnacle, Bouy, and your Dog is Matey!

(Or your obsession for your dog & your boat is apparent with paw prints)

boat dog
Do any of these things sound like you or someone you know? Well then you might just be a Boatanista too!

Share or tag a friend that you think may be a Boatanista! Or leave a comment below sharing why you think you are a woman obsessed with boating.

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Lisa Almeida

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As owner of Freedom Boat Club Jacksonville, Lisa “The Boatanista” Almeida has found the perfect outlet for merging her gifts as an entrepreneur with her lifelong passion: Boating. Lisa not only makes boating her business, it also plays a central role in her social, charitable and civic efforts. Lisa also shares her boating tips and love of boating on her blog at


  1. capt rob
    Capt. Rob ChichesterSeptember 1, 2017

    My best clients have almost always been women! I have tried to introduce more women to sailing by developing a sailing weekend course designed to work within the general learning styles of women (visual and auditory). I have found that whereas men will just grab the controls and “try it” to learn by doing, women tend to want to observe someone else doing it and ask lots of questions before they try. And that is fine. That suits my style of teaching.

    The synopsis of my course is here:

    I would welcome your feedback…and any students you might send in my direction!

    1. Lisa AlmeidaSeptember 1, 2017

      Thank you Rob, appreciate the comment! Absolutely will be happy to send people your way! Lisa, The Boatanista

  2. Wanda Kenton SmithAugust 11, 2017

    awesome and so totally YOU! The ultimate boating diva right there!

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