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All natural, delicious and rich in antioxidants – Waxhead sun defense foods help boaters “thrive in the sun”

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We received free samples from Waxhead Sun Defense Foods in exchange for a review on, however opinions expressed in this article are based on real experiences with the product as a boater.

There is no doubt that boaters spend a lot of time out in the sun – sometimes too much without the proper sun safety precautions.

Sun safety is something that I spend a lot of time thinking about, both personally and professionally. As marketing director for SureShade (makers of patented retractable sunshade systems on boats) I am very focused on the importance of sun safety in boating… and as mother of two young girls who love our boat I am always concerned about how much time we are exposed to the sun while boating. And of course its not just our kids – we are also concerned for family & friends on board our boat.

With sun safety in boating, there is no one thing you need to do to be safe – it’s often layers of precautions that help protect you. Seeking shade (such as added canvas protection on a boat), sunwear (like hats and sun protective clothing) and of course sunscreen (applying generously & often).

I had honestly never considered what we eat could also help with sun protection until I heard about Waxhead Sun Defense Foods.

Waxhead is an Amelia Island, Florida based company who creates energy bars packed with antioxidants and other all natural ingredients that are known to help defend your skin from damaging sun.

waxhead sun safetyWaxhead explains the science behind their nutrient bars best:

Short-term Sun Defense
Sunburn is skin inflammation. Antioxidants Vitamin C and E have been shown to lessen this inflammation in multiple scientific studies. Waxhead bars are an easy way to get anti-inflamatory foods into your diet.

Long-term Sun Defense
Oxygen is essential for life, but once inside the body, it can cause damage via free radicals, with the potential to damage DNA. Foods with antioxidants like Vitamin C and E reduce free radicals produced from exposure to UV rays from the sun, while Vitamin E protects the building blocks of cell membranes to prevent DNA damage.

Cumulative Antioxidant Benefits
Waxhead foods with antioxidants combine to magnify positive effects. Multiple studies show that combination of vitamins C and E protects skin against UV damage and lessens DNA damage from UV exposure.

How quickly do they work?
Foods with antioxidants require time to enter your system. Eating Waxhead energy bars has a cumulative effect, as antioxidants accumulate in the sebaceous glands before delivery to the skin surface. Adults start noticing significant sun defense benefits after eating 2-3 bars per day for 5-7 days. As a consistent part of the diet, they give ongoing, long term protection.

(they have loads of clinical research on their website as well)

Well that all sounds great, but how do they taste?

waxhead nutrient barWe were lucky enough to get some samples to try Waxhead bars for ourselves. Our variety sample pack included:

  • Cherry Almond Peanut Butter
  • Cranberry Peanut Butter
  • Dark Chocolate Banana
  • Apricot Cranberry

My favorites were Cherry Almond Peanut Butter & Cranberry Peanut Butter… because anything with PB is for me! 😉

Others seem to agree they are tasty bars too – in 2015 Waxhead was voted #1 Energy Bar in a reader’s choice issue of Void Magazine (a North Florida lifestyle magazine that caters to coastal activities like boating, fishing & surfing).

The bars are loaded with whole foods, including lots of nuts, fruits, seeds, good fats and powerful vitamins. From an energy bar perspective, they certainly were filling and a nice afternoon pick-me-up.

Like any snack bar with fruit or peanut butter in it I would recommend keeping them in a cool location – they were in my backpack while walking the very hot Fort Lauderdale Boat Show for hours and got quite soft. The bars are on the softer side anyway due to the ingredients (definitely not a hard, crunchy type bar).

Each bar I had was about 200 calories and fat grams ranged from 3.1g to 9.0g (with Dark Chocolate Banana being the lowest, Cherry Almond Peanut Butter the highest). Bars are sold in packs of 12 or 30 and are a little over $2 each. The price, calories and fat grams are comparable to most ordinary bars you find in the supermarket – without the focus on sun defense antioxidant ingredients like Waxhead.

Waxhead Sun Defense Foods are just one more way you can protect yourself from the sun on a boat (definitely the most delicious way!).

Grab your own Waxhead bars by shopping for them directly on the Waxhead website.

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