Father’s Day Boating Activities and Gift Ideas for Dad

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A round-up of ideas to celebrate Father’s Day on the boat… with boat-inspired gifts and dad-friendly activities for the whole family to enjoy

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Those iconic “dad moments” that your kids will always remember are most likely happening on your boat. Taking the boat for a cruise, casting a line, digging for clams in the bay… these are the classic moments for Dad and the whole family to treasure.

The boat is Dad’s happy place, and it’s definitely the place to be when you are celebrating Father’s Day with Dad.

Whether you are celebrating a first Father’s Day or your 20th Father’s Day with kids that are growing up WAY too fast, there is one thing that all Dads have in common – they just want to spend quality time with their kids. And creating memories on the water boating is one of the best ways to do just that.

Be sure to check out our gift ideas at the end!

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boating with dadBoating Activities with Dad

If you’re looking activities on the boat that are sure to please Dad (and the whole family) or ideas for a special boating gift, here’s a round-up of some ways to celebrate Dad.

Here are some ideas to celebrate Father’s Day on your boat or on the water.

Get out on the water!

First and foremost, make plans to be out on the water for Father’s Day! It’s all about Dad, so make plans to do everything that Dad enjoys doing on the water – whether its going for a boat cruise, anchoring out, enjoying a BBQ or casting a line.

No boat? No problem!

If you don’t currently own a boat there are resources to get access to boats… Boatsetter, for example, will help you get a captained chartered boat for Father’s Day to make it easier to get out on the water for Dads with minimal experience. Experienced captains can introduce you to new boating destinations and help show you the ropes.

Or, if he’d rather be his own captain, you can check out peer-to-peer boat rental companies like Boatbound, Cruzin or Fun2Rent to rent a boat for the day (a perfect way to let Dad “test the waters” for a future boat purchase).

fishing with dadFishing with Dad

There is nothing more iconic than going fishing with Dad! Fishing is always a great boating activity to enjoy with Dad… and fishing on Father’s Day is a great way to celebrate. Whether teaching kids to fish on the boat, going crabbing by the bay or taking the family on a full-day fishing trip, it can be the ideal way to make lasting memories.

Maybe it’s time to explore a new fishing location? TakeMeFishin.org just released a list of the top family-friendly boating and fishing locations across America based on votes from outdoor enthusiasts. Use the list to find a new favorite spot for the while family to enjoy (ideal for trailered boats where you can easily check out new spots on the water).


If your kids are a bit older, then an afternoon out on the boat enjoying watersports like tubing, jet skiing or water skiing is sure to be an action-packed day of fun. If you are looking for some more low-key ideas, try going for a canoe or kayak trip to explore new areas on the water.

explore nature on boatExplore Nature

Take some time to appreciate your natural environment on the water. We spend a lot of time on the boat doing things like bird watching (there are so many cool birds to see and try to identify) or collecting treasures (how many clams can you dig up while anchored out or how many cool rocks can you find by the shore?).

Cook Out on the Boat

A simple afternoon enjoying time with family and friends on the boat is even better with food & drinks! Fire up the BBQ or plan a picnic excursion with all of Dad’s favorites. And don’t forget ice for the cooler… filled with his favorite drinks of course! 😉

Father’s Day Boating Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is the beginning of boating season for many, so it’s the perfect time to pick up some new boat gear that Dad has been needing or wanting.

Here’s a round-up of some great gift ideas for Dad:


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