Sailing the Andaman Sea

Phang Nga Bay in Thailand

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Thailand sailing destinations in the beautiful Andaman Sea

For the past few years, Thailand had seen incredible increase in number of tourists. Some are headed for major cities and urban environments, while others are the natural sight-seeing (and experiencing) type.

One of the most beautiful ways for one to see the beauties of the Andaman Sea is definitely by boat – rented, personal, or through a cruise.

There is much to see and visit, and this is merely a suggestion for some of the tried and tested fan favourites.


The lowest common denominator for sailing trips around the Andaman Sea is the starting point – most journeys begin from the island of Phuket. All of the marinas are on the eastern part of the island, where you could easily stock up on all necessary provisions for the trip ahead. The general practice is to set northward from there, to Phang Nga Bay. Its limestone cliffs make an unforgettable view, and many will agree that the Bay is one of the most beautiful sights in this part of the world, maintaining a persistent residency in all sailing destination top lists.

James Bond Island and Koh Panyee are worth stopping by. The first is best known as the set location for the movie “The Man with the Golden Gun”, and the latter is simply stunning, appearing as a fishing village above a rocky formation. Tourists often make a break here and shop away the noon, browsing through various handmade products.

Phi Phi Islands

A perfect blend of stupendous natural sights and a wild nightlife, these islands are an amazing venue. Lagoons guarded by steep cliffs and crystal clear, sapphire blue waters beckon to visitors to stay. Most wish to move to this amazing place without further ado, and Phi Phi is Thailand’s ace up the sleeve. The islands offer great opportunities for diving and snorkelling, combined with rock climbing, all topped off with a perfect view of the sunset. In addition, these islands were the shooting location of the cult movie “The Beach”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. This is only logical, the larger part of the movie is just young people having great fun in the sun, and that is pretty much what you can expect in the Phi Phi Islands.

Krabi in Thailand
Krabi in Thailand

Phang Nga Bay

One does not simply miss out on this beautiful seascape. The small islands up north are riddled with caverns, inlets and bays, and those who have plenty of time can stay here and explore as much as they want. It is recommended to plan your visit while the tide is low, and to take time while passing by the sea rocks – some of them are decorated with drawings, some of them over a thousand years old.


From Phang Nga Bay southward, sailors will chance upon Krabi, the archipelagos with a lot to offer. Bedecked with cute shops, restaurants and rich nightlife, Krabi is a fun place to organize an overnight berthing. If the situation calls for it, you could also make a stop here in order to restock, or perform some boat work.

Visitors interested in seeing something new and beautiful can head for Railay Beach, which can only be accessed by boat because it is surrounded by steep rocks towards the mainland. Speaking of rocks, adrenaline junkies can engage in plenty of rock-climbing activities on Krabi.

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