Top 10 Most Popular Boater Lifestyle Topics in 2014

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most popular boater lifestyle topicsRound-up of the most viewed posts and popular topics on during 2014

What are boaters interested in? What boating lifestyle topics are the most popular right now?

At the start of each new year I like to take a look back and see what topics are resonating most with readers. Since many articles on my site have been around for a long time – like Boating with a Baby or Best Boating Music and Boat Songs – it’s no surprise they are at the top of the list… after all, I have been publishing on this site since 2009! These are topics that will always be popular with boaters.

I also like to look at what new articles are the most popular, so I do a round-up featuring only new posts from 2014 that have been popular since posted and will likely have staying power with boaters in the months and years ahead.

Hot Topics?

Popular content categories continue to be focused on family boating, boating gear and boat gift ideas. Boaters are interested in advice on the best gear for their lifestyle – whether they are new or long-time boaters – as well as how to enhance their boating lifestyle.

So whether you are interested in which topics appeal most to boaters, or you are just looking for some good boating lifestyle articles to peruse, you’ll want to check out these top 10 boating lifestyle round-up lists.

 Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2014

boating with baby#1 – Boating with a Baby or Infant

Some people are very nervous about taking a baby on a boat. For active boaters (myself included), having an infant baby should not stop you from boating. In fact, it is almost easier to boat with a baby then it is to boat with young toddlers that are climbing and running around. And if you have a boat that you sleep on, there is nothing better than the gentle rocking of a boat to help a baby sleep. With proper safety precautions, there is no reason why you can’t continue boating with a baby. >>READ MORE

boating music#2 – Best Boating Music and Boat Songs to Listen to on the Water

The boating lifestyle is all about relaxing with friends and family on the water. Listening to great boating music and boat songs makes your time on the water even more enjoyable. Here are some song ideas and recommendations to listen to while boating or just hanging out on a boat on the water. Each boating song listed below includes a link to download MP3 music files for building boat song playlists. >>READ MORE

#3 – Bed Options for a Newborn Infant or Baby Sleeping on Board a Boat

Having a baby sleep on a boat can be both safe and easy with the right baby gear. The biggest challenge is often finding the right bed option for the tight space quarters of a boat cabin that is safe and appropriate for the age of your baby. Here are some of my recommendations for good compact infant bed options for a newborn or baby sleeping on board your boat. >>READ MORE

#4 – Avoiding MerCruiser Bravo 3 Outdrive Corrosion Problems on Boats

The MerCruiser Bravo 3 sterndrive is one of the most popular and innovative outdrive designs introduced to the marine market by Mercury. Unfortunately the popularity of the MerCruiser Bravo 3 sterndrive comes with some controversy due to the high potential for corrosion problems.  >>READ MORE

#5 – Comparing Sterndrive IO vs. Inboard Engines for Power Boats

Many express cruiser style power boats offer both sterndrive inboard outboard (IO) and inboard (direct drive or V-drive) engine propulsion system options. Choosing between these engine drive types should be given careful thought for a new or used boat. >>READ MORE

#6 – Boating While Pregnant: Boat Safety When Expecting a Baby

It is true that being pregnant on a boat may slow you down a little, but you can still enjoy time on the water while waiting for your latest crew member to arrive. With a few extra precautions, along with some minor changes to your typical boating routine, boating while pregnant can be safe and still fun. >>READ MORE

Holiday Gift Guide#7 – 2014 Holiday Gift Guides for Boaters

Many boating publications have put together some great holiday gift guides to help people find that perfect gift for the boater on your holiday shopping list. If you need some help finding that perfect gift for the boater on your list, check out these Holiday Gift Guides just for boaters! >>READ MORE

infant life vests#8 – Infant Life Vests and Jackets for Boating

Keeping a young baby or infant safe on a boat or around water should be a number one priority for boaters. Although life jackets are necessary for young kids too, they are especially important for an infant or baby that has no swimming skills at all. >>READ MORE

kids puddle jumper life jackets#9 – Sterns Kids Puddle Jumper Life Jackets Review

The puddle jumper design combines the security of “floaties” or “swimmie” arms with a floatation pad that goes across the chest and attaches to the floatation arms. They are fastened in the back with a secure clasp. Because Puddle Jumper Jackets are Coast Guard approved, they are great for young kids learning to swim in the pool, on the lake, in the river or out on a boat. >>READ MORE

#10 – personalized boat giftsPersonalized Boating or Nautical Gifts

Let’s face it – every boater loves personalized things… especially if its personalized with their boat name, favorite boating club or marina. Personalized gear that you can actually use on the boat makes a great gift idea for anyone that is a boater. >>READ MORE

Top 10 Most Popular NEW Articles in 2014

Holiday Gift Guide#1 – 2014 Holiday Gift Guides for Boaters

Many boating publications have put together some great holiday gift guides to help people find that perfect gift for the boater on your holiday shopping list. If you need some help finding that perfect gift for the boater on your list, check out these Holiday Gift Guides just for boaters! >>READ MORE

boat names top 10
#2- List of Top Ten Boat Names in 2013

BoatUS shares their annual list of the most popular boat names – Whatever your boat naming strategy, reviewing a list of popular boat names can help you get started with choosing a boat name. >>READ MORE

#3  – Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals for Boat Gifts

If you have a boater on your holiday gift list, take advantage of these great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on boat gear, boating accessories and other nautical gift ideas! >>READ MORE

top boating products
#4 – West Marine Top New Product Picks for 2014

West Marine, the largest boating supply and accessories retailer in the U.S., recently unveiled its picks for top new innovative products – If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve with the best, most innovative boating products on the market, then take a look at West Marine’s top product picks. >>READ MORE

dogs on a boat
#5 – Sailing with a Pet on Board Your Boat

Your pet is definitely a friend for life – and likely your cruising partner too. Here are some tips for keeping your dog or cat safe, happy and well cared for when cruising on a boat. >>READ MORE

boat jump photos boater life
#6 – Tips for the Ultimate Boat Swim Platform Jump Photos

I am in no way a professional photographer, but I am a marketer in the boating industry and I feel like I know a bit more than the average boater when it comes to photography around boats.  Here are some photography tricks for catching great shots of your kids jumping from a boat into the water >>READ MORE

family boating time#7 – 3 Reasons Your Family will Love Your New Boat

Why owning a boat is more affordable than you think… and a worthwhile investment in your family leisure time. >>READ MORE

cost saving boating ideas
#8 – Cost-Saving Ideas to Make Boating More Affordable

It’s no secret that boating costs money. You need to have a certain amount of discretionary income to enjoy the lifestyle, but you certainly don’t need to be rich if you are smart about how you boat. >>READ MORE

boat girl book
#9 – Boating Book for Kids Teaches Boat Safety and Fun

The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl is a children’s book that inspires kids to love the boating lifestyle while emphasizing the importance of boat safety. >>READ MORE

work from boat telecommute
#10 – How to Make Working from the Boat Work for You

Break away from the office and telecommute from your boat with these ideas to make “work from boat” easier. >>READ MORE



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