Intracoastal Waterway Cruise – Day 2 Cruising Chesapeake Bay

Atlantic ICW cruise takes crew from Solomon’s Island MD to Hampton VA on day two of the two week journey to FL

This guest post blog series details the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Cruise of two friends, Karen and George, as they cruise the east coast from Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Gulf Coast.

Day 2 of our two week journey from the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland to the Gulf Coast of Florida (May 14, 2013) started off much better than our somewhat rough first day of the ICW cruise. They skies were blue and the winds had finally died down.
We left our restful port of Sandy Cove Marina in Solomon’s Island at the calm of the cool morning dawn at 6:30 am. We were more confident in our navigational skills and ready for the next leg of our journey.

We were all taken by the splender of the Chesapeake Bay as we caught site of a scowl of dolphins following alone on our port side.

We passed by several landmarks such as the Point to Point Marker and the historic Point Lookout Lighthouse in St. Mary’s County, MD at 8:45 am.

Overall the day was relaxing.  We cruised the Chesapeake along the west coast line until we pulled into port at Salt Ponds Marina

Salt Ponds Marina was our stop for the second night of our trip. This marina was a bit more “rustic” but nice. The staff were friendly and helpful. Bathrooms were nice.

Located in Hampton, VA on the Chesapeake Bay, this is a picturesque resort community only 53 miles from Norfolk Canyon.

After a hearty breakfast and lazy morning, we left Salt Pond Marina at 9:30 am, heading back to the Chesapeake Bay. Once again we faced high winds of 10-15 knots with 30 knot gusts. The sound of Langley Air Force Base jets overhead as we headed toward the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay onto the next leg of our journey.

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