ICW Cruise – Days 15-17 in Jensen Beach FL

The journey from the Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Gulf Coast continues along the ICW stopping at Jensen Beach FL on route to Okeechobee Waterway 

This guest post blog series details the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Cruise of two friends, Karen and George, as they cruise the east coast from Chesapeake Bay to the Florida Gulf Coast.

Day 15 on the water – we are fueled up, pumped out and on the water by 8:00 am as we pull out of beautiful, historic town of St. Augustine, FL. 

We are hoping to be at our final destination in just a few more days – and boy are we ready to get there. 

It was a slow moving day since most of this stretch if the ICW is slow speed / no wake zone due to the protected Manatee.  This is the height of the manatee mating season so we were on high alert to watch for them.  Today was one of our slowest and longest cruising days (10hr).

We passed through the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge (protected area), Canaveral National Seashore and the John F. Kennedy Space Center. 

After a long day on the water, we pulled into a nice little marina right off the Indian River along the ICW called Titusville Municipal Marina.  This is a city marina so don’t forget to get your Boat U.S. membership discount. 

It was nothing fancy but decent enough and well maintained.  It was one of the more economical marinas we  have stayed at.  Another plus is the Municipal marina park right next door that had a gated dog ply area.  Diesel enjoyed meeting some new friends and getting a little dog socialization – he said he has had way to much human contact and was really in need of some good sniff buddies.

Tuesday Day 16:  We continued southward today and enjoyed the opportunity to run at a quicker pace.  As we move south you can really see the difference in the landscape change.  We are sensing the tropics and getting more excited by the moment.  I particularly liked the ICW around the Pelican Island National Refuge.

Later in the afternoon the skies grew increasingly cloudy and we could see big rain storms all around us.  We traveled 91NM and at 1730, right before the skies really opened up, we pulled into a tiny marina called Four Fish Marina at marker 222 off the ICW. 

We are in Jensen, FL  just north of St. Lucia where we enter the Okeechobee waterway.  The whole trip we kept saying that eventually we were bound to get a dumpy marina – well this was it. 

Although neat and clean, they were lacking in facilities.  The marina office closed at 4:30 pm but we had already been given our slip assignment so when we arrived we were on our own. 

The lady at the marina office had told us about a restaurant “1000 yards away”.  So in the pounding rain we began walking in hunt of the Dolphin Bar.  We found it – about 1.5 – 2miles vs 1000 yds and we were totally soaked. 

It was very nice (Dolphin Bar / Shrimp house) – we had one of our better meals at a reasonable price.  Thankfully the rain had stopped long enough for us to get safely back to Special K.

Wednesday Day 17:  It was a bouncy night due to high winds and storms.  No one slept well.  It is a gray dreary day and we are so ready for this trip to be over. 

Only two days from our destination and we are trapped at the Four Fish Marina in Jensen Beach, FL due to severe weather (Ugh..). 

We don’t dare risk getting through lake Okeechobee with these winds and rain.  Unfortunately we are here another day. 

Eddie – needing some space and break from the boat took a room at the local Four Fish Inn.  This is a cozy little tropical inn across from the marina.  At $75.00 a night for an efficiency it was well worth it. 

We hung out, caught up on some of the recent news stories.  Yea – TV.  I can not believe how much I have missed it.  We did the laundry and rode out the storms. 

Praying for better weather tomorrow.

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