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Biodegradable boat cleaning supplies are less harmful for the environment and are good choices for responsible boaters that want greener boating products

As boaters it is important for us to protect our most valuable resources – the environment and the water sources we enjoy. Choosing green and environmentally friendly cleaning products for our boat is one easy step we can take to keep our waters clean.

So what are green boat cleaning products and why are they important? Green or eco-friendly boat cleaning products are made of organic, phosphate-free and biodegradable soaps that will have the least negative impact on water, land and animal life. Boaters should try to avoid cleaners and soaps that contain toxins and chemicals because as you wash your boat (particularly in the water) the run-off goes right into the water. In addition to the negative impact on fish, birds and other wildlife, you also don’t want to fish or swim in water that is not clean.

The good news is that you do not need to compromise your desire to have a clean boat for your desire to boat in clean water. Many of today’s green boat cleaners and soaps are just as powerful as traditional chemical based cleaners. An increased awareness of green boating issues has made more eco-friendly product choices available for boaters.

Green Friendly Boat Cleaning Products

When looking to buy green and eco-friendly boat cleaners and soap that will have a minimal impact on the environment, key terms to look for on packaging include:

  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • EPA-Certified “Design for the Environment” GreenSeal label

Here are some good green and eco-friendly boat cleaner and soap options:

green boat soapStar Brite Sea Safe Biodegradable Boat Wash Soap (32 oz)

Sea Safe Boat Wash is an environmentally-responsible boat cleaning product that really works. The low-sudsing, biodegradable formula is concentrated for maximum cleaning power and maximum economy.

It is Lake Safe, so it can be used while the boat is in or near the water. It cleans all marine surfaces, including fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, rubber, glass, metal and painted areas.
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boat soapBetter Boat Boat Soap – Eco Friendly


A premium eco-friendly biodegradeable Boat Soap Concentrate easily removes dirt, grease and grime without hard scrubbing, rinses clean leaving no residue and is effective in hot or cold, fresh or salt water. This all purpose soap is essential to a complete boat detailing kit and can be used to clean everything including the hull, decks, cushions, life preservers, pots and pans, galleys and bathrooms.

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BOATER’S EDGE Wash – Biodegradable Boat Soap Concentrate 32 oz

Boater’s EDGE Wash is a biodegradable concentrate that safely removes dirt, fish blood, salt deposits, road grime, exhaust smudges, and waterline stains.
Great for fiberglass, metal, plastic, vinyl and all painted surfaces. Non-streaking low-suds solution leaves zero residue, yet leaves hulls, decks, chrome and fittings all sparkling. Edge also makes biodegradable hull cleaner, deck cleaner, wash & wax and a “clean everything” product.
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Star Brite Super Orange Citrus Boat Wash

Removes dirt, oil and grease from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Removes dirt, oil and grease from fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces. Biodegradable. Concentrated for economical use. Citrus extract formula is tough on dirt but gentle to the surface being cleaned.Biodegradable, Concentrated for economical use, Citrus extract formula is tough on dirt but gentle to the surface being cleaned, Will not remove wax or polish, Works in fresh and salt water.

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Star Brite also carries a full Sea Safe line of other biodegradable cleaners, including: Star Brite Sea Safe Hull CleanerStar Brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner and Star Brite Sea Safe Non-Skid Deck Cleaner.

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