Two Best Days of a Boater’s Life

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As the old saying goes, the two happiest or best days of a boater’s life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it (hopefully for a bigger boat) – resources for buying or selling a boat

boater lifeIt seems that boaters are almost always in the market… looking to buy a boat or looking to sell a boat. In fact, sometimes the happiness in a boater’s life may seem fleeting as they are almost continually searching for the perfect boat that makes them happy. Or in some cases, the best day in a boater’s life is also the last day in the “boating life” as they sell their boat and get out of boating altogether (although personally I will never understand that).

Here is a quick wrap-up of some resources to assist you in buying a boat or selling a boat – to help make whichever day you are currently at or seeking in your boater life a little bit happier.

Best Day in a Boater’s Life – Buying a Boat

Without a doubt, the most popular time to buy a boat is in the spring. Boat owners are anxious to get their boat sold before investing in slip rental or high and dry storage for another season, and boat buyers are anxious to buy a boat and start enjoying the summer season.

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Fall is also another time of the year that is popular for buying a boat. In this scenario, boat owners are anxious to sell the boat prior to winter to avoid winterization and winter storage fees. Boat owners know that once the shrink wrap or blue tarp goes on they are not likely to sell the boat until spring. The fall, or end of season, is a great time for buyers to get a deal on a boat because buyers are most willing to negotiate at this time.

If you are hoping to get a really good deal on a boat, then a repossessed boat is a great opportunity to save a lot of money on a boat. A repo boat is usually priced lower than market value, making it a better bet for retaining value for a future resale (when the other day of your boater’s life comes around).

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Best Day in a Boater’s Life – Selling a Boat

Getting your boat ready for sale is just as important as getting a house ready to go on the market. Preparing your boat to sell fast in a tough market means pricing it right, cleaning it thoroughly, tuning up the engines and more. Your boat may have been your life, but it is best to have it not reflect your life inside and out with personal items and signs of wear and tear. Make sure your boat is in top condition to make it more attractive to buyers.

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Just as for sale by owner has become popular in the housing market, many boaters have opted to sell their boats FSBO. With a variety of online marketing tools available to assist sellers, selling a boat by owner online is actually a viable option.

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If the two best days of your life are happen in the wrong order (meaning, you buy another boat before selling the old boat) these may not be the happiest days of your boater life. Being a two boat owner is one of the biggest fears in a boater’s life when deciding to upgrade to another boat. (meaning, you buy another boat before selling the old boat) these may not be the happiest days of your boater life. Being a two boat owner is one of the biggest fears in a boater’s life when deciding to upgrade to another boat. Owning two boats can be a financial and emotional drain for a boater… but there are ways to help aleviate the stress and help sell the first boat faster so you can start enjoying the new boat.

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Hopefully these two days come close to each other – but in the order of selling a boat and then buying a boat. Because I truely feel that selling an older boat and then buying the new, bigger or better boat of your dreams is the best scenario for a boater’s life.

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